Monday, June 16, 2008

Some people miss England??

Okay let's go to this site: Just click into it. Trust me there are people who missed England in this Euro 2008. England made an absent into this time EURO 2008 when they were down to Russia and Croatia in Qualifying Round. How sad!!

(The Picture you oso dunno who, he is England saviour, Fabio Capello)

It was only last month Manchester United and Chelsea representing the "God Saves The Queen" nation into the Final of European Champions League, in which the former won in dramatic penalty shoot out. But considered this, clubs and national teams aren't the same. The clubs' players are mixture blended of many footballers from different nations. So what grand England can be even if the Semi0finals are all English team. English clubs are constantly critised because of unjust!! So there are people who missed England?

Why not? This is the first time England was not in any major football competition since World Cup 1994. 14 years ago they failed to United States which saw Brazil beat Italy through penalty shootout. That's history but history tends to repeat. Everyone missed the news article about England's preparation for a tournament, how they predict that how far they will advanced and so on.

So my question again, do I missed them. Sincerely yes, no doubt. England had been a dominating name, or rather not one, but always appeared as a serious and most of the time not so serious contender. Look at 2006 World Cup, they barely made a scrap through the Quarter final before losing to Portugal in a hot-tempered match. Remember Rooney was red-carded!!!

So Acura and me missed England, while UEFA boss Michel Platini is not. He thinks that England is cheater or something. Come on, it's like your current French team is good at anywhere!! French SUCKS for many reasons!!

So you missed England? Wait till 2010!! I hope Cappello can bring a new life into England!!



acura said...

I miss them so much. Even though they can be boring sometimes but they create a lot of hype surrounding the tournament. It's not the same without them in Euro 2008.

Nvm, we can always enjoy watching Holland play. They are superb. And van Der Sar is great in goal so far. I hate reading news about Ronaldo going off to Real Madrid though.

BernardC said...

To Acura: I totally pissed off when Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid as well. he certainly forgot where his peanut shells are. i cursed them lose in Final, huh!!!

acura said...

Yeah, I am losing respect for him, for delaying his decision to stay at United. That's why I won't be supporting Portugal

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