Friday, July 04, 2008

Malaysia's Truly Politicly Colourful

Besides the fact that Malaysia's Truly Asia (taken from the promotional slogan of Tourism Malaysia), comes Malaysia is Truly Colourful (in political scenarios). The year 2008 will eventually written down in the history book as the year that will be remembered for its political bang, earthquake and tsunami, terrorize the political landscape that over the years under the safeguard of ruling coalition without any threats like this big. No one including me myself may have ever expected that these kind of thingy will happen someday here. I always thought this scenarios is more likely to happen elsewhere but not here.

But Alas, this kind of circus show have never stop dominating the newspaper headlines. Truly a display of people who known no longer as a politician but a clown, lion whipper, acrobat performers, and jugglers are just all over the nation. The parliament are now live telecast but the circus show have now move to more broader aspect. I wonder a lot of people will find it amusing, enraged, furious, and touched - whatever the feelings it may be. Followings are the chronological events leading up to conditions like what we have today:
  • Malaysian was freshed from many exciting street demonstrations by HINDRAF and BERSIH in 2007, as well as the exposure of V.K. Lingam Video Case, the high-profile murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu allegedly plotted by Abdul Razak Baginda and others.
  • Events in late 2007 continues into 2008 with more hot and juicy political topics whispered in the mouth of the Malaysian regarding what had happened and this saw a rising in the bloggers' world. Blogs deemed as the alternative media, was heading over others medium of media resources and gaining more popularity among the Malaysians. It is an alternative mainstreams which was successfully used by the Oppositions to tackle the mind of many Malaysian. I bet some didn't see it coming!!
  • The year then started with the question when the fresh General Election will be held and just as many had expected, it was held on March 8, to deny the return of DSAI to contest in the election. He served the ban on politic since his imprisonment in 1999 due to corruption and sexual charges. Peoples were expecting the ruling coalition again to retain power in another dominance style. This was my first time voting as well in KK!!
  • The 12th General Election saw the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) failed to returned to power with 2/3 majority, simply winning 140 seats or simple majority (thanks to people of Sabah and Sarawak) while opposition muscled up 82 seats (3 times more than last Election). 5 states government - Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Perak; and Federal Territory were all fell into the hands of opposition whom later formed a coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat (PR).
  • The attentions now turned to Pak Lah, our PM on deciding who should be in his list of government portfolios, and not so surprisingly that many known faces were left out. I had to say that there are some faces that I wish will not be in it because I just don't like these peoples. Based on their past remarks and their arrogance, they are simply nothing better than "No Good".
  • DSAI claimed later that there will be a deflection of MPs which will switched side to the Opposition later this year while citing the possibility of September 16 for the full switch where he expected at least 30 BN MPs will cross-over and eventually PR will form the new government. To form a government, a party or coalition must obtained a magical number of 111 seats to clinch it.
  • The ruling BN denied speculation that there will be crossovers. Since Sabah and Sarawak helped BN to secure victory in parliament by winning 54 out of 56 here, the government suddenly become good with them. The government suddenly acted like a Santa Claus by giving goodies to the state governments (Sabah and Sarawak), promising to settle issues on this and that.
  • Early June, I am still wondering if this move is a suicide or a saviour for the BN government. It was announced that the petrol and diesel price will be raised by 41 and 60 percents respectively. At the same time, a cash rebate of RM625 will be given to all car owners with certain specifications. Some were angered by the sudden sharp rise. Why can't do it slowly?

  • The six peoples named in the V K Lingam Video Case may faced charges of conspiracy following the result of Royal Inquiry. The man above did said this before, "It looks like me, it sounds like but it doesn't means it's me"
  • Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), a minor components in the BN, raised and supported the motion of no-confidence against the PM. Whether Teck Lee, the SAPP President was personally or people-motivated for doing so, it doesn't matter because they are many who are dissatisfy with the current government on how it is been run. If SAPP is considered only a fraction, why bother too much. Why can't "Opposing Voice" are not accepted even from our own people. BN is not a "Yes, Sir" party but it should be a blend of voices to achieve one common target. Anyway, I bet many Sabahan are fed-up with many unsettled issues that I bet you people know anout it. Many were furious about them, but SAPP is still under BN's umbrella, why fussy about statements like that for the sake of Sabahans.

  • DSAI faced a fresh sexual charges, been now classified as sodomy; for his aide claimed that he had been sodomized by the 60-years old PKR de facto leader. DSAI denied the allegations and called it a conspiracy to deny him an entry back into politics.
  • DSAI yesterday countered back by claiming that he had proof to say that the deputy PM (NTR) is directly involved in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. There are new evidences to make up the claims. How great? And again the accused party denied any involvement including the sprankiling fact that NTR had sexual relationship with the murdered.

Explosive enough? Are you sick of these things already? This is the time when government should do their work well yet they destroy everything and tainted their face with red paint. What a day in this time when we can see people blaming and accussing each other about these things. Hello grown up now you people. Public opinion feels that DSAI is innocent while majority feels it is a political ploy. Whatever, the truth is out there, and one day it will be crystal clear who's right and who's wrong!! Don't forget about September 16!!

written by: GREENTEA


GnomeFan said...

we're living in interesting times..

these problems starts from one person, our PM right now. am i right??


BernardC said...

To GnomeFan:
my frenz said our PM is pretty pity cuz his cronies and ppl under him r such a dauchebag. Mayb but i can say that it's partly his to blame. If he didn't make things worst by his weakness in admin, things that follow after the General Elections (Like what happen now won't happen)

He deserves that??? Yeah!! Things only settle after September 16 I believe.

phingy said...

hi bernard !

you know, i've always thought that badawi was a nice guy and he was, in fact, a victim of his poor administration.

however, since the whole anuar ibrahim and najib saga, i'm prompted to think otherwise.

i have a few reasons and questions to ask:

1.when raja petra made a blog post about najib's involvement in the antaltunya case, why did the goverment arrest raja petra under the sedation act ?

as this is a big case, shouldnt the police investigate as to the truthness of his post rather than just declaring that he had other motives and detained him almost straightaway?

2. why najib did not file a lawsuit against raja petra, but instead relied on the police force to shut the man up?

as this is a personal attack on najib, it is only right that najib did something on his behalf and not depend on the police just because he is the dpm.

3. are the rakyat no longer allowed to voice their opinions freely?

this contrasts greatly with what that is stated in the constitution for individual freedom of speech.

i've read raja petra's article and i really dont find anything malicious about it. its not even racist.

4. how sure is badawi when he told the public that najib's wife and najib himself is not involve in the mongolian beauty's murder?

as badawi mention, he has not read the intelligence report and how sure is he that both of them are not involved?

even if it is proven later that they are not involved, the PM still should not make his own conclusion before the investigations even started.

and to date, i did not hear of any futher investigation into the matter concerning rosmah, besides taking her statement. this contrasts greatly with the saiful-anuar case where the police started investigations almost immediately.

double standards? you bet.

5. how could saiful so easily meet najib at the DPM's house?

would the pm or dpm welcome anyone to their house and is willing to meet them anytime and also willing to meet anyone?

as najib mentioned, he said that saiful was fightened and hands were cold when he met him, does that mean that saiful walked straight into najib's house to complain?

would najib's guard had allowed saiful in if he looked frightened and pose potential harm to the dpm?

would i, as a normal rakyat, been able to meet najib so easily had i walked into his house?

food for thought.

malaysia boleh. utter bullshit.

BernardC said...

Dear Phingy,
I'm glad that u have helped me to go deep inside the details. I have been looking this whole 2008 events and I feel that there are all connected, in fact these events may stretched as far back into the year PM sworn-in in 2003. What ever happens next, the government is on the edge of falling because the ppl have realised all these bullshits and craps. But i have to say that PM is lucky to have so many talented liar, scapegoats, cronies of retarded underlings and troublemakers.

Wow, ur comments had now prompted me to write something new!! Thanks Phingy for the awesome comment. Inspired now, haha!!

PS..btw, Food for thought sounds like the breakfast set's name in Coffee Bean...haha

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