Sunday, July 06, 2008

What People Have Done This Week?

It's interesting to be reminded on what peoples have done this week, sometimes!! Only this week, the world are filled with many stories from and about the peoples that can be called idiots, back-lasher, back-stabbers, moron, good, smart, true champion and heroes or even butt-driller!! Yes, again a butt driller!! They came from all walks of life, been different in terms of nationality, intelligence and background. ATTENTION: Sorry, initial reading, you may find that these sounds too negative but I'm sure there are something wonderful in the end. Now, I have to tell you that this post is rather mixed in themes, topics can be varied and it is only a highlight of what had happen over the week. (You want to critize, just go ahead on chatbox or on comments)

#1 The Bomber vs Butt Driller!! (Only an accusation!!)

No doubt, that they are the greatest rival ever happened in the history.

What do you want? I blow you then you know!!

One was accused to have cause the most exciting murder in the world by exploded a Mongolian woman into pieces and fragments that no longer recognizable, using C4 bomb.


Catch me if you can !!

Another one was accused to have commit sodomy with his aide and therefore facing a fresh charges for that, a repeat of what happen 10 years ago and later been cleared off. So both people had been throwing pancakes at each other ever since the accusations arised last week, with both denying the allegations and claimed innocence. Apparently nothing is known about who is right and who is wrong.

Adding the fuel of fire are some people who claimed to support the accusations. This includes a blogger and online news portal chief editor, RPK. He had a statutory declaration on what he had remarked about the murder of Altantuya.

#2 The American Idiot!!

Congratulations to the American to have celebrated the Fourth of July - The Independence Day, without any terrorist attack. Talking about terrorism on July 4th reminded me of a movie, called "Die Hard 4.0" by Bruce Willis. Actually you American did not have to fear about terrorism attack if not because of the monkey!!

I wonder if he ever have a brain?

#3 The moron speculators + retarded trouble makers

Why the hell is the oil price keeps on rising and never learn to count until the limit. Every week, it just soar and soar to a new record. US$ 146.60 is the highest level on lifetime. The price in Malaysia is now at RM 2.70 per litre following "smart-ass" move to raise 41% last month and because it's so expensive that I've been told to change my lifestyles. Yeah right!! Okay I don't blame you since you are so "nice"!!You are a crime fighter - like Batman, what ever!!

You this moron speculators - only know how to make speculations and make fake predictions on economy analysts. I wonder the university you are graduated from have any major in "Speculatory Economy" because I want to go there, graduate, talk bullshit so that I can raise the oil price!! Another retarded trouble-makers, adding the reason why people get panic are those on Israel and Iran. Israel intends to strike Iran because Iran has nuclear weapon of master destruction. What ever but you retarded, shut up!!

#4 The world's greatest

Okay, now turning the situation much calmer....breathe in, breathe out!! Now, some critics and movie reporter had watched the upcoming Batman flick, "The Dark Knight". You know what did they said, the movie is good while the actors are good. Some even pushing that the late Heath Ledger been nominated for Best Actor for Oscar. Oscar buzz might be 7 months away but the posthumous award for Ledger is possible. He is a damn good actor that have gather many fans and make me like his acting so much. He is simply the "World's Greatest". If he win the Oscar for The Dark Knight, tell me why he can't? His role in the movie as The Joker, is pretty scary and disturbing, yet it will be enjoyable movie to go through.
#5 The lucky guy
Okay, the lucky guy, James Bond (refer to this article) is back with a new movie called Quantum of Solace which is due to be out in cinemas early November 2008. So the new Double 0 7 is premiering its new trailer this week. With hot Daniel Craig, Olga K., and Gemma Arterton are all on it. I like those two Bond Girls (Olga and Gemma) - love you people but again damn Bond for stealing them from me. *sob sob*

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