Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It was supposed to be a day for people to sleep because it was a public holiday following Thaipusam festival. Instead I woke up early at 8 just to come to MidValley. Considering a bus ride will be a pain in the ass, as usual, I have no choice but to come early.

First stop, Starbucks Coffee MidValley. Since i believe it was the only Starbucks outlet there, I'm sure it will be easy to find. I'm not sure who's coming beside from what I knew Pui Yeng and Greg will be coming. So, at around 1pm when everyone was there, we headed to Sushi King. I was so hungry because I wiated for like 3 hours. Pui Yeng, you must treat me next time for making me waiting for you.

Well, I guess I let the photos speak by themselve then. By the way, the theme of the day was TELUR DADAR DAN TERBELIAK!!

The couple of Cecilia and Daniel...


Makan time!!! Dine in!!!

This is after I said "Dadar" and "Terbeliak"

Ask Greg yourself on what he is trying to do. I have no idea...

Green Tea brings you green tea!!


Greg's attempt to eat the chopping board!!

No Comment #1

Guess what is this? A. Hair B. Hairy foot C. Leg

Act cute lo...

Greg and Cecilia

No Comment #2
No Comment #3

Kiss Kiss??

Hand modelling!! xD

Group Photo #1

Mickey Mouse??

It wasn't me!!!

The group photo again
Me, Pui Yeng, Cecilia, Greg

Now, before I end this post, please look at the picture carefully and guess her expression? Drama queen!!!

A. Happy been bullied
B. Confused
C. Crazy
D. Sad been bullied
E. Other(s)


spectre said...

BC : u bully puiyeng.....ROFL

Voxy said...

a)happy been bullied!!!!!! lol

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


bern dear, ur looking good!
and i saw MY puiyeng !

BLue said...

Wow, a better detailed version compare to Greg's one.

*He's not reading this* >.<

Zues said...

That day I supposed wanted to go as well but last minute changed plan.. OMG.. Nice gathering guys!

Yi Ling said...

wa lao. never invite me =.=" eh. you act cute can -__- said...

that "Speechless" photo look so cute =)

シ Puiyeng said...

ZOMG! I was totally random that day.
I wonder why I'm sp hyped up. Hmm..
Serious no comment on the photo ._.
I mz Be CRAZY dat day ._. ZOMG ZOMG.

Jess: Yes! UR PUIYENG! HAHA! =p


シ Puiyeng said...

Tolanic: I'm not ready for the camera yet when they took the picture T_T said...

Puiyeng: i like that picture because it look very natural and not with fake posing..maybe im a candid lover =)

Anonymous said...

can i join next time??..lolz

renaye said...

ooh.. i miss out the fun. T__T

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