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GREEN TEA WORLD!! will be updating the Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen trailer again. After the World Premier of the teaser (click in case you haven't watched it) during the Super Bowl event back in 1st February, the much anticipated first Official Trailer of the movie was released during the President Day Holiday last weekend in the United States. Many have watched the trailer and it seems to be more detailed than the initial teaser itself.

Followings are my review and commentary based on the official trailer, with much aids from the online encyclopeadia Wikipedia site and the Youtube user apnatv7HD's posted video about the commentary.

WATCH CAREFULLY, PAUSE AND PLAY AS INSTRUCTED POINT AT THE MOVIE AND HAVE FUN....(Click to enlarge the pictures for better view)

00:12 - 00:21 A scene where the first 'asteroid' event was seen. A man was pointing at the 2 asteroids as there passed by. One of it hit a tower. 2 robots!! Could it be the reference to Mudflap and Skids, a twin Autobots that may transform into an ice-cream van?

00:30 - 00:33
The second 'asteroid' event. Another 4 are seen to been crashing on the desert somewhere in Egypt with the Pyramid as the background. Hey, what were they doing in Egypt?

00:34 - 00:49
The third 'asteroid' event where approximately 5 were heading towards a herd of cruising battleship. Later 3 of them crashed one of the battleship and it sank into the deep ocean. These could be the reference to The Constructicons.

Now take a deep breath and do this very slowly and carefully. This is the hardest part.
00:51 A robot crashed a building. 2 men were sitting; 1 was terrified and notice the bald man whom was still sitting calmly. Very funny baldie!!

00:52 The same robot rolled out of the building. It has a red eyes, indicating a Decepticon. Later it transformed into an Audi (based on the logo seen). Slow down at somewhere between 00:54 - 00:56, you will see the Audi logo of 4 rings. Hey, that Audi was Sideways.

00:56 You should play it real slow during this sequence of the rolling Audi. Slowly I believe you will be able to spot 'a robot figure' on top of the passing Audi. See it? Here is the figure.

Also 00:56 At the same time, right after the Audi had passed by, you will notice three robotic figures, presumably were chasing after the Audi. On the left, it was an obvious pink motorcycle - that was a part of Arcee, I swear!! The three figures will eventually unite to form the real Arcee.

Now let's move on...the Audi made an escape...Next...
01:03 - 01:07 A sequence where a robot transforming with several armed men approaching it. The transformed robot caused a massive destruction. Could that be The Constructicons? It was supposed to very tall and big size due to it was a combination of 6 robots. So you asked earlier that there were only 5 asteroids. Well, it so happened that it fall into the ocean and another one will be the resurrected Devastator from the first movie? Can it be.

After that it is the scene where the simple conversation between Sam and his father; followed by a shocking Mikaela and Sam.

01:19 A micro-robotic figure - wingless because Sam pull of its wing.

01:27 - 01:28 Sam was over-powered by a robotic claw or arm...Could this be Starscream?

01:29 Bumblebee!!

01:33 - 01:34 Scorpionok coming to attack an Autobots, which is said to be Jetfire.

01:36 An one-eyed jaguar or dog-like robot. According to Wikipedia source, this is Ravage, a minion of Soundwave. It fit the descriptions.

01:38 Optimus Prime been knocked by an unknown opponent!!

01:39 A Decepticons with the soldiers been stumbled seeing it.

01:40 A new character, a guy accompanying Mikaela here. The character is called Leo Spitz, played by Ramon Rodriguez

01:41 - 01:45 You see the same robot that transformed and caused explosion earlier at 01:03. This time clearly there were two wires attached to it.

01:48 The interesting part when Optimus Prime arrive and trying to stop the 2-wheel robot.

Now, let's get our vision sharper and look carefully
01:49 Arcee the pink motor-robot on the same highway as the one used by Optimus.

Following that until the end, Optimus Prime transformed and the highway was destroyed.


So, how was it? Fun? Very analytical for my review on the trailer this time. Do have fun and enjoy. GREEN TEA WORLD!! is anticipating the release of the movie. Who doesn't?

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