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In 2007, the Australian had commited themselves to do something out of ordinary for our nature and environment. On 31 March 2007, the Australian authority and WWF have asked all households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for an hour. The 2007 Earth Hour was a success in its only participating city, Sydney.

The Earth Hour achieved yet another success in the following year in 2008. On the 29 March, world wide population from about 35 nations did turned off their lights and electrical appliances for an hour as well. Due to the huge success World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and local authorities will again work together in the future where every last Saturday of the month March will be Earth Hour.

Finally, Malaysia will begin to apply the concept for the third Earth Hour. This time, Malaysian will join 1 billion population across 2,712 cities in 83 countries to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009. By voting for Earth, we are a step closer towards our battle against global warming. Therefore Dear Malaysian, remember the date and the time; March 28, 8:30 to 9:30pm.

Global warming is a classic issues with never ending devastation been foreseen and destruction of our mother nature. I have featured a series of post about Global warming and our environment in the blog last year. (Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 ).

Before we realize what we should do for is for our future, let's take some time to ponder this:
1) Over the last century, the global air temperature increase about 0.75-0.90 degree Celcius, with a further rise of 1.1-6.4 degree celcius during this century, according to Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

2) The global climate is affetced by variations in orbit around the Sun, changes in solar luminosity, solar activity, volcanoes and atmospheric greenhouse gas effects. Althought the real causes of global warming is not clear, apparently the latter attributes to more of such event due to widely usage of fossil fuel, highly industrialization and massive deforestation.

3) Greenhouse gases do occur naturally giving a mean warming effect of 33 degree Celcius keeping the Earth's average temperature of 15 degree - comfort suitable for life. However, with increase industrial activity, more and more such gases from industries by-product continue to be released.

4) The concentration of carbon dioxide and methane have up 31% and 149% since mid-1700s. The current concentration of carbon dioxide is believe to be at 385 parts per million (ppm).

5) In 1997 and up until now, about 181 nations and the European Union have ractified the Kyoto Protocol, which aimed at reducing emission of greenhouse gases by a certain amount of 5.2% compared to the level at the year 1990 as a whole.

6) A rise of 2 degree in global temperature does not apply well to the Arctic as it has a sensitive environment that a minimal 2 degree rise would lead to minimum 3.2 degree increase. An increase in 2 degree will also causes annual rainfall in Mediterranean decrease by 20% in Northern region and 30% in Southern region. Eastern Canadian will get the impact as 2 degree rise causes black supre and sugar maple to be forced to go northwards thus depleting timber supply. Also, high temperature means lesser arrival of Atlantic salmon - already an endangered species.

7) Global warming is melting glaciers everywhere.

8) Smaller Arctic sea ice cover recorded each year.

9) 2003 is the hottest year for Scotland on record.

10) Coral reef is bleaching more and more every year.

11) More heatwaves in cities like Athens, Chicago, Milan, New Delhi and Paris

12) Rising sea levels threatening low-lying islands in Pacific and Indian Oceans

13) According to WWF and several data, BANGKOK saved 73.34 megawatts of electricity over an hour; TORONTO saved 900 megawatt-hours (8.7%), MELBOURNE saved 10.1%, SYDNEY reduced 8.4%, and DUBAI 2.4% down.

The 12 lists of major impact from global warming are just part of what catastrophies outcome can happen if we do not start to do something for Earth.

Besides just simply switching off your light bulbs, I would like to reckon more steps and measures for us Malaysian to reduce more energy consumption rather than a light bulb.

1) Switch off all your light bulbs and all electrical appliances including air condition, television, radio, etc (except the refrigerator and fan). If you are to use laptop, use your reserved power!!
2) Do not drive your vehicles (cars or motorcycles) for the period of time. If you wish to go somewhere, wait until 9:30 pm.
3) Tell and inform your friends who are not aware of the event to do so as well. Passing around the message of environment is always a good deed.
4) All television and radio stations should halted their programme over the one hour period.
5) Get more informations on how you can fight global warming with your local WWF.



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very good blog on the earth hour...hopefully every non-environmental student will have such a good awareness as you..Kudos! btw..i memang wanna buy iphone ler..really..too expensive under maxis..maybe will get a cheaper one through ebay and then sendiri unlock

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interesting facts! enjoyed reading them.. =)

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