Monday, March 16, 2009


It was supposed to be match of the week, but after 74 minutes into the game, it turned sour and it turned very ugly. After 90 minutes of lifeless performance by my favourite team, it quickly turned hopes into dopes. I agreed, should the nervousness and the plans went well, the ending may not be like this. Eventually I could not stand it anymore, walked out of the cafeteria where all eyes of the fans or the anti-fans were fixing to the medium-sized television in the dining hall. Later, I went to my room and I just bursted into tears while still typing the message into the Innit chatbox.

Yes, last Saturday, it was the day when all Manchester United fans gloomed. We mourned for our lost in the hands of the in-form Kop. We failed to defend our good record against them in our home, Old Trafford since 1936. We failed, outclassed, outpaced and outsmarted in all forms. I don't really care if they lost the game but the defeat at such number is a humiliation. However, as the disappointment looming and growing expansionally, with the jeers of all the Liverpool fan; I was still fortunated that there were some good words coming out from peoples surrounding me.

Oh yes, losing a game even as terrible as this will not make any differences. Manchester United is still on a less-cushioned 4 points lead with an extra gane in hand. Losing a game whether a big margin or small margin still gives no point and winning a game big or small is still worth a three points. There is one even reminded me that any teams in the world will eventually need a wake up call. Barcelona and Real Madrid were once a champion of Europe. So do Juventus or Inter Milan or even Liverpool itself whom had won any trophy they contested. Once a champion, there is no assurance that you will remain a champion tomorrow.

1-4 defeat to Liverpool is really a wake up call. A solid defence line up for the past two seasons headlined by Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand with Edwin Van Der Sar on the goal mouth had rarely did mistake for all this while. Truly last Saturday was not their night. Performances on the midfield failed to shine as well with most passes mis-Q terribly. However, those dark episode is just one of hundreds episode need to endure by each giant team every season. It is a lost that humiliate us and make us humble-down-to-Earth and this is just football. Whatever written on the piece of paper may not translate well into a result. Champion or no champion, some day they will bow down.

This morning, when I read the paper when Mr. Rafael benitez claimed that since Liverpool had beaten both Real Madrid and Manchester United in a single week, especially Manchester United been the European champion and world champion, they can now claimed themselves as the true champion. Manchester United fans may regard this remark as somehow arrogant. It is the same way the Liverpool fans may regarded all those remarks made by Sir Alex Ferguson himself over the last two seasons. The same statement was uttered by Rafa few years back when they won the Champions League which in the end, they did not defended their title at all and mostly played as rank third behind Manchester United and Chelsea.

Even the mastermind of once mighty Chelsea, Jose Mourinho when they were the dominant in 2006 and 2007, although failed to win the European Champions League, also once said that Chelsea was the best team in the world. Ironically, they failed to win the European club title, not at one under Mourinho's helm. Not to forget, Arsene Wenger also claimed that they have the best and talented team in the world but yet still unable to make any impact, while winning three times of the Premier League since inauguration in 1992.

So, who ever they are, human will always been arrogant. In football, tell me which of them never been arrogantly said that they are the best team in the World? Who said Fergie didn't? Who said Rafa never said so? Who said Chelsea or Arsene Wenger never? In football, arrogancy plays a vital role in building the team spirit or destroying reputation once they fall.

Come on, tell me who is not selfish and arrogant in this world? As a football fans, you only have two options, two roads in front of you - Manchester United fan or no Manchester United fan. What disgust me the most, some people wearing Arsenal's or Chelsea's jerseys and pledged support for Liverpool. Or else some Liverpool fan supported Chelsea or Arsenal when playing against Manchester United. This is reality. It's either you love or you hate them.

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horizon said...

Cheer up.. We united as 1, must believe the trophy is ours !!!

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