Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay, sorry for lying. World Green Tea is not been celebrated on March 11, but the author of the blogs do. Let me recap the day because I'm sure many will be asking how was my birthday and I'm gladly says right now that nothing - nothing did happened.

March 11 is a day like any others that flew away just like that. There is not anything great to talk about. So, it is my birthday but it can be completely been ignored.

The only things that I am happy because I know that at least there is a bunch of people still aware that March 11 is in fact my birthday. Well the screenshots of my FB say it all. If you are wondering where is your name or at least you thought you did wished me, it can only mean one thing - you actually didn't. I am not angry or frustrated at all, don't worry!! Why shall I make myself looked pity.
Anyway, seriously thanks for all of those that have wished me during the March 11, whether you are obssess-and-keep-my-day-on-your-diary; or I need to reminding and hinting you before you greet me; or you just lucky to get informed by some one. Thanks guys, there is nothing more valuable than a bunch of people that forms part of the life. This is go out to those who sent messages to my phone's inbox - thanks as well.

Anyway, there is someone out of all that did even more than just a birthday wish; a birthday blog post. Yeah, it's here. Thank you Zoey!! I begin to understand what ZOMG really means!!

Also, thanks for the photos. Hitomi you look awesome and funny as always, thanks. Jackie, thanks for the photos tagging on FB, anyway thanks for the ride and unforgivable driving moments.

Anyway, thanks for the wishes and do continue to visit here.
Signing out,

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Voxy said...

ok!u make me sound and feel bad! what turf~
so me wishing u on the 12th not counted la? ish~

*sad case ard*

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