Monday, April 13, 2009


It was last Friday night and it became one of the best course night I have ever attended. For the last 4 times I have attended an event as such, this one turned out to be more distinguishable and more stand out compared to the previous ones. For years, the course night dinner is always been deemed as a serious monotonous event where formality was the priority. However, kudos to the new organizing committee, there is something to cheer up for this year's event.

Last Friday, held at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, a glamourous hotel adjacent to Pavilion; the event was hosted every year with the main objectives to celebrate the out-going final years students and to encourage the integration between students and staffs. The theme for the year was Movie Characters - pretty common but you never guess how they really turned it in a different styles.

[NOTE: Due to the fact that I do not own a digital camera, most of these photos are from my friends': Yin Shi, Alle Mzm, Yann Ling and Stephen Wong]

This is me before the event!!!

My coursemates!!!

From a prince to an ape??

Another Darth Vader!!!

The rodeo cowboy and cowgirl!!!

My the force be with you!!! Die!!!
- I'm Your Father -- Noooo!!!

Wanna Die???

He is seriously over-reacted!!!

That's my "kalimantang"!!!

Darth Vader-ina???

Dr Kamarul!!!

Dr Aznan in NEO-STYLE!!!

Dr Louise - Ghostbuster!!!

Dr Safura, Dr Alida and Dr Jasmina!!!

Well, I guess I'm looking forward for next year's then. I heard it's going to be another costume-themed. Hope so!! Anyway, congrats to those who are going to graduate and have great life out there!!


Allison said...

looks fun.. i like costume-themed party! haha

WayeYoung said...

You actually have a Darth Vader Costume!
Star Wars ROCK!

May the force be with you XD

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