Monday, April 20, 2009


Talking about innovation and creativity, it comes in many forms and situations. Now we have one, try upgrade the aesthetic and appearance features for your web browser now. The process of "beautifying' it is a fun process and the outcome can be enjoyable one. Firefox surfers accounted to almost 22% of global web browser market share - thanks to its superiority in functionality and due to the spiraling downward of Internet Explorer (IE).

Recently, those wannabees will sure have come across this little cute fox icon when they open up their Mozilla Firefox (FF). This little fox invites you to experience something new, which is call "Personas".

"Personas are lightweight “skins” that change the look of your Firefox web browser. You can easily switch between Personas with just a few clicks. There are hundreds of Personas to choose from, with more added every day. You can even create your own and share it with others."
Personas for Firefox...

Basically, Personas is a simplified and easy to use skin for the browser itself. Although this not a new gadget around, FF has recently revamped the idea and with further development push from the team in Mozilla Labs. Similarly like those Mozilla themes, it creates a simple layout of skin for both the header and footer of the browser, without even alter any buttons, toolbars and menus.

How to get one? Pretty easy. Follow these steps.
  1. Go to Mozilla home page and look for the cute fox icon with "Try Personas". Optionally go to Personas home page here.
  2. Click on Get Personas for Free to begin downloading your add-on.
  3. A pop-up Mozilla add-on installation will appear. Click "Install Now" to begin.
  4. Wait for the download to complete. Once Personas have been finished installed onto your FF Add-Ons, click "Restart Firefox".

To save all these troubles, two easy ways are:

To install a desired skin, it is easy.
  1. From the Personas home page, click "Gallery" and now you can see a list of available skins.
  2. Let say, you want to install Viva skin onto your browser, move your mouse over the image and you will get the preview.
  3. Click over the image once and now you will see the skin has been automatically installed into function - Easy, no?

What are you waiting for? Try and browse around to look for your favourite one and the best skin to suit your little Firefox browser. For more inquiries, please leave some questions of doubt at

After you have done, do check out on the little fox icon on the footer bar of the browser, down on the far left. Click on it and you can manuever as you wish!!


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