Monday, April 27, 2009


No rain, no safety car period. That's the differences between this race and the previous three races. Also, this is a race in Middle East, where Formula One is now going westward towards the crucial middle stint of the European circuits. Track temperature is blistering hot, reaching about 50 degree while the sky is clear and sunshine illuminates the skyline in Sakhir.

The opening phase saw Timo Glock leaped frog his team mante, Jarno Trulli to lead the race. By the end of the first corner, Hamilton leaped to second behind Glock and Trulli; while Button also made a similar move ahead of Vettel. Hamilton was fast but not before he made mistake that allowed Button to overtake him. Massa involved in a tight claustrophic collide with Nakajima where both entered pit for a nose change.

The first round of pit stops, proved to be in Button's favour. After trailing the pair of Toyota by few seconds behind, he found himself in cushion while Vettel was heavily compromised by Hamilton in early laps and Trulli following the first pits. Button slowly pulled away. The train of fight for the second place was imminent among the three; Trulli, Vettel and Hamilton. Glock was suprisingly out of the contention.

Trulli and Vettel battled it all out until the Italian made his second pits, thus releasing Vettel for a faster pace. He led for a brief 3 laps stint when Button pitted earlier than him, but having 3 fast laps were not enough. By the end of the second pit stops window, Button and Vettel emerged far ahead of Trulli, Hamilton, Barrichello and Raikkonen. Raikkonen had a very dramatic cat and mouse game with Glock which proved the Toyota was still somehow faster than Ferrari.

On the final phase, it was a cool and steady for both Button and Vettel with the former had a gap of around 10 seconds of the latter.

In the end, Button took the chequered flag for the third time this season, followed by another strong podium for Sebastian Vettel. Pole seater Trulli came in third. Now you know who had a superior car. In my opinion, Brawn GP still have a faster car than any of the field. However, do not underestimates Red Bull as their engineers were busy designing the new diffuser for them.

One thing for sure, Ferrari finally scored some points here - thanks to a good decent run by Kimi Raikkonen. Massa's continue lackluster of luck was again imminent in Bahrain. The Italian horse power remained ninth but with European circuits ahead, they will remain on focus to catch up the rest of the field.

This is the race result:


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