Monday, May 04, 2009


Ah, I was at the Advanced screening of Star Trek which was organized by The Star Online, Studio V, United International Pictures, All Malaysian Blogger Project, and an endless list of sponsors. Star Trek will only be release this Thursday in a worldwide-scale launch. For bloggers and those afflicted to the companies involved, we were lucky enough to be one of the earliest human to have watched the movie in the world.

The event was held last Saturday at Studio V, a new entertainment outlet by The Star Online at 1Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. For this exclusive event, about 250 ++ attended the event and I have to say I have a little enjoying moment for myself. With me on that day, we have Hitomi, Isaac, Nigel, Moon, Zhao, Louis Dusty, Spectre and Diese.

For this post, there will be three things for me talk about. I don't think I will talk that much since those pictures below will do. If you want to view the interview, go to part three of the post (down there).


The author of the blog

The Star Trek

The crowds
Random #1

Random #2

Serious mood for the hunt #1

Serious mood for the hunt #2

Starbucks refreshment

Camera play on the mirror, Nigel damn creative

Been interviewed after the movie ended too!!
[Pictures credited to Dusty, Hitomi and Nigel]


For the movie review, please proceed to here.


Oh, this is ugly. First time been interviewed and they have this camera zooming at me. By the way it's a 6 minutes video, and I'm the second to be featured. It is very uncomfortable at first but I just said it out, perhaps I'm still digesting the movie, thus the 4.0 stars thingy. Thanks for the interview in which I just bombarded everything.

"The Story Is Not So Compelling - I was like what on earth - LOL"

PS: Yeah, can The Star do another round for it? I don't even know the existence of this video until I was at Zhao's blog.

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julian said...

Hehe you did well :) Your career as movie critic is now launched! :p

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