Thursday, June 11, 2009


I do not know if you want to consider this as something good or the opposite way - Malaysia is fully blessed with tonnes of sensational issues. While people are just starting to take the Perak political saga issue lightly, in which the helm of administration is in the hands of a bunch of losers, another issue is gathering full attention these days.

Malaysian educational system is regarded as the best in the world but I have to say nothing is great about it in reality. It may have the best in terms of facilities and product potential but yet again, like any fields and sectors you can name in Malaysia, bureaucracy and political involvement will always be the obscures for achieving our aspiration and hopes for greater achievement can be.


Since 2003, the education in Malaysia switched into globalisation aspiration. Mathematics and science subjects are taught in English. The reasons were rather simple - to ensure the standard of English usage been raised and to cultivate a better environment for students to use English as a secondary language than their native tongues.

Over the years, the standard of English usage and the outcomes from this ambitious program seems minimal. Thus, people starts to question the effectiveness of such idea to teach this two critical subjects in English. Some more, there are certain sects are objecting the idea and want it to be scrapped. Funny thing is, they argue that it is time and need to rectify the national language - Malay, back into medium of teaching.

Why English? English is an universal language for science and mathematics, used as a convenient medium of communication and research. Worldwide, scientist from different country, background and culture uses English to interact and to present their ideas and results of their research.

For certain groups, they argued that teaching both Science and Mathematics in English can cause:
1) Potentially demotivating students with poor English commands to excel further
2) Depromote and down-grading the absolute level of the national language
3) Other developed countries use their own mother tongue to teach

I simply believe learning English is like learning other languages or even like learning the mother tongue. Difficulty in learning English should not be a reason to withdraw such absolute claim. In learning language, it will be ample if one has effort, guidance and understanding. Many fail to realize, good English does not always mean a bombastic English. English like any language should be learned as a way that we can listen, read and speak a language fairly well. You don't need to get an A to understand English but with learning both subjects in English, it is a chance for students to get more exposure while improving it.


How on earth this can happen? Malay language itself is a unique language that unites the people from all four corners of the nation. Besides, Malay language remains the main medium of teaching for other subjects - Bahasa Malaysia, History, Civic, Moral, Accountancy, Geography, etc. In case you do not realize, science subjects are only taken by the science Stream students and therefore, other streams are less affected. Although English is been used, Malay language remains as a national language and there is no move to down-grade it or sort of. Those who think such way must be some sect that is narrow-minded, unvisionary and chavism.


It is true that countries like Japan, German or France use their own national language to teach Science and Mathematic and yet they are the great achiever in such a field. I do not have to remind you that comparing such cases is not the brilliant way. Even if Science and Mathematcs are teach in Malay language, what achievement will we get in the upper hand. Before 2003, Malay language was used but the conceptual and acceptance of Science and Mathematics were low. As I said earlier, English is the universal language for scientist and mathematician around the world. In the end of the day, whether you like it or not, globalisation is taking place!!

I once in Stockholm for the Nobel Prize Ceremony back in 2002, and I have met the Nobel Prize winners from all parts of the earth - United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Japan, yet the language they were speaking on their lecture was none other than English. In fact, they spoke English very well although they never learned through English.

In the end of the day, it is not the matter of if Science and Mathematic should be teach in English, but the matter of mastering or at least learning English should be the main concern. As a nutshell, LEARN YOUR ENGLISH and please be remember THE CONCEPTUAL OF LEARNING SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS IS ONLY A CATALYST FOR INITIATING THE MOTIVATION AND ENVIRONMENT TO UPPERHAND ENGLISH.


Anonymous said...

english is important..
i dont mind whether it english or not too..
just let the students learn! =)

Gine said...

It is well known that a lot of Degree holders are unemployable due to their lack of proficiency in English language. Though by changing the teaching medium of these two subjects into English is an effort from the government want to improve the situation, the students themselves should take even more initiative to speak in that language because it is apparent that without doing the latter, no significant improvement could actually be seen.
And honestly, the working world is really in dire need of people who speak decent English level.

lionel0008 said...

I Agree with u 100%. SCIENCE & MATHS IN MALAY HAS ALREADY BEEN TRIED AND TESTED AND FAILED IN SHOWING ANY SIGNIFICANT RESULTS. They are reverting back without even seeing whether the graduates which is supposed to be the main priority succeed. Who cares if u just got an A for all subjects in SPM if u fail all of them in pre-u studies

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