Thursday, August 27, 2009


You want to hear H1N1 joke? OK, i know that influenza pandemic has killed 71, so what! Relax and enjoy this one.

Once upon a time, this dude missed his bus and has no choice but to wait for the next bus.

Suddenly a friend of him bumped into him.

His friend greeted him - "Hello brother. How are you?"

With a big smile on his face, the dude replied, "I'm always fine. Especially since I got A H 1 N 1."

Then, everyone in the bus stop gives him a kind of look - perhaps upon hearing the A H 1 N 1, everyone shuns away from the dude - including his friend.

Then the dude informed everyone that he does not mean the H1N1 - "LOL...Not the Influenza's actually Always Happy 1, Nothing 1"

LOL...So A(H1N1) is equals to Always Happy One, Nothing One.
Oh man, thanks to my friend Gimmy who suddenly thought of the acronym. He is so random can!!

See all the pigs - they always look happy one, nothing one.

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lionel0008 said...

Nice one~BTW is that your friends posing in the photo?

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