Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Before I start talking about the following blogger gathering, let me ask you a few questions.

1. What on earth are these?
A) Japanese shrimp
B) Japanese sushi
C) Lemon chicken in Japanese style
D) Japanese cakes

2. What do you think she is thinking?
A) "Come My Baby, You're My Butterfly Sugar Baby"
B) "'Jeeze' In My Pant"
C) "Playing With My Baoz Baoz"
D) "Lalala...Dum Dum Di Dum"

3. And lastly, how many person you can detect in this picture?
(Open answers)

Okay, to answer these difficult questions, please read the following news excerpt taken from Ji-Mo-Nai-Nai Daily.

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 01): The bloggers from Bolehland had stormed the Mr Baoz Pavilion for one orgasmic gathering. I bet everyone had very orgasmic-full-to-the-fullness dinner with BAOZ.

Thanks to the lady in red, these huhu-haha monkeys from the treehouse neighborhood were able to enjoy this freaking nice BAOZs. she has countless boxes of illegal free rebate coupon which she stole from the President of BAOZ-land.

Those monkeys who came include "The Zebra-Man", "Lady In Red", "Serious Sam", ...........

"J-Rider", "Vistana Crew", "Pinky Jacq",...............

"Carrot Juice Lover" and Yours Truly "Green In Grey".

Thanks to these monkeys, Mr Baoz do not need other spokeperson. Subtle with this Pinky...

Or this Lady-In-Red.

Well well well, the BAOZ were really nice and weird at the same time. RM3 each, it makes me open my eyes to say that never should you compare those with the BAOZ sold by Cina Pek in Petaling Street. Thou shall not compare, there are different, understood?

However, some people cannot finish the whole plates of BAOZs that the person decided to decorate the plate with the leftover.

Luckily, no monkeys were harmed during the BAOZ BAOZ session nor did any of them repeatedly went to toilet. ALLELUIA, Thanks Be The God!!! Okay, Ji-Mo-Nai-Nai signing off.

After reading the article, I am sure you will get those answers right? In case Question 2 still gives you a headache, just give a wild guess.


Neil Kevin said...

Its so delicious. I like BAOZ.
I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.


wen pink said...

wahhhhh so delicious... yumyum..! i want!!

kenwooi said...

bao bao!
must try out one day! =D

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