Monday, November 09, 2009


Yeah, probably many have heard about it.

Manchester United stumbled to the late goal by John Terry, no thanks to the superb free kick by Frank Lampard that has created a bit of havoc. The 76th minute goal is to become the only goal of the match, a decisive marginal victory for Chelsea and a marginal defeat for Man United.

Despite several chances from both sides, several misses and several saves can be seen. Watch the highlight video below. Wayne Rooney missed two good chances.

Chelsea's win marked their 11th straight home wins in any competitions.

Also, for a bizarre story- some moments from the fan box. A fan filmed brushing teeth at Stamford Bridge during the match. WOW!! I wonder why he did that?

According to UK's Telegraph newspaper, this is what they wrote about it:

"During his show on BBC Radio 5 Live, DJ Spoony asked: "Why has he got a toothbrush in the stadium? And more importantly, why is he brushing his teeth in the stadium?"

Co-host Gabriele Marcotti joked: "Dental hygiene. Every time you eat something, afterwards you should be brushing your teeth. You were taught that, right? You should also be flossing too, I would add."

Spoony went on: "So you're in the football stadium, you have had your pie, you brush your teeth. I mean where do you rinse, or gargle?"

He appealed for calls from the fan's friends to explain why he cannot leave his toothbrush at home."

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Sean Lon said...

maybe its a secret signal for referee. lol. see also drogba gunshot act afta the kick.

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