Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I know, many of the people around the world are excited about this movie. 2012, releasing tomorrow takes Mr Roland Emmerich's visionary view on how the apocalypse 2012 will actually happen to the world. But frankly speaking, all those you have seen in the trailer are not going to happen any sooner. We have been living happily for thousands of years, yet earth has been at its form for the last 4 billion years, would the world vanished in a few blinks?

Well, entertainment has a little margin to differentiate between factual and fiction.


Anyway, thanks to those people at 8TV, I won myself an invite, a pair of tickets for tonight's complimentary screening of 2012.

Everyone has been hoo-haa about the movie but it looks like I will be watching the movie earlier than anyone else. Well, since those who had won from Nuffnang (which I didn't get due to some technical dateline problem) will be storming to Cineleisure aka E@Curve tonight, I will be there as well.

Hopefully I can see Mike, Moe and Jules (in real life version this time). Hoohoo...

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