Monday, February 22, 2010


What do Avril Lavigne, the Mad-Hatter and Alice have in connection? Wait, is that Alice In The Wonderland and Johnny Depp's Mad-Hatter I am talking about? Yes and it's pretty easy.

Avril Lavigne will indeed sings for the theme song for the upcoming Tim Burton's 3-D Alice In The Wonderland. The song entitled "Alice" has been debuting worldwide since January 27. We did not hear so much yet but here is the chance because I have illegally downloaded the song and even found a music video from YouTube. Now I doubt that the music video will stay long enough to embattle the copyright issue but I give it a bet nevertheless.

Check out the album's cover (or at least it was called the single's cover).

Oh, before I forgot. This is the thing that you want to deal with right? The music video of "Alice". Enjoy. It's alternative rock but in a soft tone, two thumbs up for this interesting fusion.

Tim Burton's Alice In The Wonderland will debut in the cinema this March 4 in Malaysia and we will be able to watch it on 3-D format as well. Get ready to kick Avatar out of its 3-D theaters?

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