Monday, May 10, 2010


Bull Day. Not really. We in Malaysia do not celebrate the bull raging event or the matador event like our compatriots in Spain. But indeed if we do have one, I would have the potential to fight some bull, teasing them like no one have ever wanted to do so on them. Come on, give me the head-butting, bulls! Watching the matadors at work on the television sets of my home look stylish, elegance and passionate. Teasing the bull with the red cloth can never make any sense but I love the styles of avoiding the sharp horns of the bull. Hasta la vista, baby! Or perhaps the matador could say you cannot catch me! In the end, the bulls are stabbed to death and we all will have the feast tonight!

Cows, bulls or anything in common are called the bovine. Equally, they are not uncommon even in Malaysia. There is a town in the Eastern Malaysia that could have gained much recognition and indeed we love to call it the Buffalo's town or even the Cowboys' town of the East. The small town of Kota Belud, situated in the north of the capital Kota Kinabalu, housed a sizable population of 75,000 with majority Dusun and Bajau ethnic and minority Chinese population.

The small town is well-known among the locals for many things:

(1) It is the gateway point to go to the highest peak in Malaysia, a majestic 4,095 metres high Mount Kinabalu. Ranked the 20th most prominent mountains in the world, the mountain and its surroundings are among the most important biological sites in the world, with over 600 species of ferns, 326 species of birds, and 100 mammalian species identified. Among them are the gigantic Rafflesia plants and the orangutan. Mount Kinabalu has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage status.

(2) The town is known for its Bajau ethnic. There are virtually two types of Bajau; West and East-Bajau have significant differences. The West deals on cattle and live on coastal area while The East lives on seaside and master of fisheries. Kota Belud is the town where you can find the most coastal Bajau ethnic. They have been coined the Cowboys of the East because like the rodeo and Wild Wild West - they ride on horses and managed their flock of cattle, pretty much akin to those in Wild Wild West!

(3) The town has a long history of its Tamu. Tamu is the local open market, where all kinds of food, buffalo, handicrafts and weapons (mostly for decorations) are sold. This is the traditional way of shopping. No K-Mart, Tesco or Carrefour in the area! Every year, Kota Belud town hosted the annual Tamu in bigger extravaganza. It's like a carnival where peoples outside the town flock in to catch the biggest native market of the year.

(4) I did mentioned earlier about buffalos. Yes indeed, the town is famous for its buffalos.

Yes, it's been a bull's Day but Kota Belud is just like nay other towns in Sabah, Malaysia. Filled with the warmness welcome and to the perfect getaways for holidays.