Sunday, June 27, 2010


Mind can be a dangerous place. It resembles a jigsaw puzzle and it can be very complicated. It holds undeniably dark and bright vague secrets. Mind is the storage of the fondest and the bitterest memory. Mind is also the the largest playground of unimaginable fantasy. What's in your mind remain yours but someday, science and technology will break the frontier that no one has ever imagined off. Perhaps, that day is drawing near when it takes only a flick, people may just be able to intrude your skulls, navigates through your mind and steals that valuable piece of informations that has been kept secret. 

Brain, minds, memory, dreams - how does this cognitive science has anything to do with our life? Plenty and its potential is border-less. If you have your mind, chances are you have your own secrets too. So do I. But first thing first, we need to protect our secrets from stolen. It gets highly difficult because Christopher Nolan has set out a team of subconscious security, led by Leonardo DiCaprio to steal our valuable secrets. I need to protect mine now.

Now, you ask - what secrets so dearly that I need to protect from? For me, it is not really a secret at all because those who knew me from my younger days may have already knew. This remains a secret because I rarely share this to anyone especially in the blogosphere. The valuable secret is also my fondest memory ever. Surely, I need to do everything I can to stop it from been stolen.

Back in the year 2002, I represented my school for some scientific competition. We are truly the underdogs but we managed to beat the crap out of many popular schools around Malaysia, you named it - Chung Ling in Penang, Aminuddin Baki KL or St Paul Seremban. (No further details will be elaborated on how I can beat the craps out of them!) The prize is a once in a lifetime trip to Stockholm and attending the Nobel Prize. Okay, you may think that this is a lie of what so ever. But till these day, I still kept the original green ticket of entrance to witness 2002 Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm. I must confess, the whole journey of 14 days to the Scandinavia is the best memory I have till today. You know why it is so precious that I can't let C Nolan and his team have it.



If you have been following my other blog - which is all about movies, I am sure you must have felt the same enthusiasm and anticipation like me. Christopher Nolan is just somebody who can presents a great movie for you and he is a storyteller. Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are all unique and engaging. Now he is doing the same magic for you in this high concept heist movie.

To score yourself a movie invites to Inception, head now to and blog your way to the scene of crime. Inception arrives on July 15, 2010. Here is the character featurette for you to enjoy (not official trailer; but one that tells you the characters in it):