Sunday, July 25, 2010


Inception has finally landed since last week in the cinematical shores. So have you watched it yet? No, haven't? You should take some time to go and watch it. Chances are that it will really fucked your mind so hard that you think Transformers 2 was achingly bloody stupid. Watching Inception burns the mind-power but you have to admit that after 148 minutes inside the theater, you got one piece of action-thrilling-amazingly awesome movie. No doubt, Inception is the BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR and will definitely be the MOVIE OF THE YEAR!

OPTIONAL: You can click the 'play' button on the player below to enjoy the music from Inception.
Mombasa - Hans Zimmer - Inception Soundtrack

Realizing Inception is a tough subject matter that many can left baffled throughout the whole movie or at the point of the ending of the movie, I have devoted my three days three nights searching for the answers of some of the most technical understanding regarding the movie. I wrote from the basic necessity of acquiring something before you go into the theater watching to the point you leave the theater and discussing the movie itself. The result, I wrote one of my best article ever at GREEN TEA MOVIE. Check that out at this link:

So, what is that magic from Inception and that particular article has pulled out for me?

Fig 1: Weekly analytic traffic (Note that the article was written on 17 July 2010)

Fig 2: Weekly analytic traffic in table form 

Fig 3: Weekly traffic arrival from different origin

OPTIONAL: You can click the 'play' button on the player below to enjoy the music from Inception.
WAIT!! DID YOU OFF THE MUSIC ABOVE YET? *This is the best song in the whole soundtrack*
Time - Hans Zimmer - Inception Soundtrack

In addition to that, the article was also been featured in, and in various other forums that support and discuss about the movie. On another note, Inception has truly get what it deserved and the fans has been chatting about it for week. Isn't it interesting to discuss a movie that has open so much possibilities, theories and excitement?

In a nutshell, I realize that:

  1. Write something that is popular on search engine and most talked about to gain traffic from search engine.
  2. GREEN TEA MOVIE has more than 88% traffic originating from countries that are not covered by Nuffnang and that means even with such a traffic, the earning will not much be affected.
  3. If you want to write about something, make sure you know the stuffs you are writing back and forth.

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