Wednesday, October 15, 2008

THE TOP 6 New Drama TV Series You Must Watch

September has come and in fact we are now in the month October. In US, the new season for the TV drama series had begun and they are deep on those new seasons for their favourite TV drama series. No kidding, the top most watched TV programme in the USA for the 2007/2008 season was unsurprisingly....
The American Idol attracting over 30 million viewers weekly. The brand new season of American Idol 8 will premier next January. House, CSI, LostGrey's Anatomy and CSI Miami are some of the most watched TV series in the US and perhaps the world last season. Coming to a new season, these shows may experienced some notable changes on plot, screen writing, casts and brand new premises....

Anyway, this brand new season also sees a few new TV drama series premiering in the US. Therefore, tonight after watching, hearing from critics and some testimonials from my buddies, Green Tea is here to present his possibly.....

Number #6 - 90210 (CBS)
Remember the days when we have Beverly Hill 90210 that was a pop culture during the 90's. The teen premise is different from the original one but those who want to be reminded of the series, can do so but the reception has not been phenomenon. Weekly ratings staged at around 3.0 to 5.1 million viewers. Shannon Doherty, the pretty chick from the original 90210 and Charmed will make a guest appearance on the show. It's a teen drama plus romance, should not be able to match entirely Gossip Girl.

Number #5 - KNIGHT RIDER (NBC)
The new knight rider is in. David Hasselhoff was the original rider Michael knight. Now his enstranged son is taking over the helm, while Val Kilmer will be the voice for the new KIIT. In US, 3 episodes have been shown and the response and the anticipation was equally high. watch the crime-fighting with hi-tech automobile.

Michael Slater is in this brand new series created by Jason Smilovic. Recently the show had its TV premier in US last Monday. This is a superspy series. Nothing much I can said but been incorporating some big US company in its promo, this series looks huge at the moment!! It's the new spy in the town.

Number #3 - LIFE ON MARS (ABC)
What happened with time travel? This new series is about a New York homicide detective who suddenly finds himself inexplicably transported from 2008 to 1973, been adapted from another British TV series.

Jerry Bruckheimer's new and latest magic trick. The also world's famous producer is now featuring the new series, a possible very related and adapted from the British origin, and some critics begin comparing it with The X-Files. 3 episodes so far and the viewership is increasing.

Number #1 - FRINGE (FOX)
Brought to you by one of those most famous producers in the world (J J Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) - Fringe is a new American science fiction TV series, been described as a hybrid of The X-Files,  The Twillight Zona and Dark Angel. The rating is currently on the rise and had 5 episodes screened on TV with more than 13 million viewers, rated number 1 most watched for the 18-49 years old (adult) demographic.

Thanks for Reno for his info and passion towards drama series...


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where's ugly betty and america's next top model?

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Wonder if ASTRO is going to show them or not ?

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hey the list is so bias lah, nothing girlish ke?

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