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Note: I still haven't get any photos from Ah Jess yet regarding the Thursday's outing with Jess and Sharlynn. That day was fun, especially with the "POM POM SHAKALAKALAKA POM" dance. So I just leave it another day for that....(Skip)

Anyway, this is an update from Friday's outing for food searching around Pavilion. It was a shot-gun outing gathering made by Jacquelyn. She called for a gathering on Innit CBOX at 1am!! Well, since only me been available at that time with some possibility that Wilson will be joining us as well, thus we set the time and venue for Friday 2pm at Pavilion KL. Met Jac in front of the newly opened Emperor Q restaurant. The prices looked expensive, so we passed out the idea of trying the food there.

(Reminder: Well, for those who had never step their feet to Pavilion, the floor arrangement is a bit weird. The ground floor is labelled as 3rd Floor, while 1st Floor is actually the underground level or Lower Ground)

Okay, she will be my partner for food searching for the day....

For starter, the lunch was at Pancake House International. Contrary to popular believe that it only serves pancakes, it is not the case for it. They do offer lunch sets of variety foods and styles all at reasonably price of around RM 13.50 to RM15, complete with a package that also include drinks. Visit their website if you wish for at here. We ordered different menu for ourselves.

This is mine, House Speciality Set...RM 15...
It contains a crunchy fried chicken, mince-meat pasta, a slice of bread, a raw vegetable-popiah like pita bread, mushroom sauce gravy and a glass of root beer.

This is Jac's, Pan Chicken Special Set...RM 15...
It contains two crunchy fried chicken, tuna macaroni salad, toast and butter, mushroom sauce gravy and a glass of root beer.

RM 15 meal with drinks are something you will considered cheap for a place in Pavilion to have. I enjoyed the meal although I would love if they improved on the fried chicken. Jac speculated that they might be using normal flour for the chicken, which I kind of agreed. On the other hand, the mushroom sauce gravy seems to be addictive. Although a bit salty, I didn't see any leftover of that sauce...simply delicious.

Pancake House International is situated at Level 1, Pavilion...unit 1.10 (look at the map)

Next, we headed to Bernard's FAVOURITE DESSERT HOUSE/RESTAURANT...
MOF@Japanese Sweet and Coffee
Remember the post back in November? Yes, here am I revisiting it again and it would be Jac's first time at MOF.

This is Jac's, Shiratama Zenzai with Almond Flakes...RM 9
It is a Japanese custom-made red bean paste with dumplings and almond nut flakes on top. It looks nice and the combination seems to be working well. I like the crunchy almond flakes because I stole Jac's one scoop and I loved it, "felt like in Heaven"

This is mine, all time favourite together with Macha Kakigori; Kinako Kakigori...RM 11
It is a Japanese version of Ais Kacang...crushed ice with topping of red bean paste and soy bean powder, with maple syrup as well for sweetener.

This picture is somehow very tempting. I want some too please!!!
MOF@Japanese Sweet and Coffee is located at Level 1, Pavilion KL at unit lot 1.02 (look at the map)

Nice food in Pavilion, yes, all you can find it at the price tag of less than RM 50 for two pax in total. That's roughly RM 25 for a main course meal and a heavy dessert. Before we left Pavilion, a camwhore session with Jac.

Thanks Jac for the good company.
Love to have you for another "date" LOL
The same and almost similar post is available here as well....

I LOVE MOF, Help!!!


anne marie isabelle said...

ERH HMMM... DATE???? WAH WAH WAH.... *cough cough cough*

the pancake house looks nice oh...

renaye said...

hmm... i think my mummy's own made blueberry or banana pancake. and if i really want to eat chicken i rather go to kfc which the price is equivalent...

MOF ... i still have not gone back to try their other dessert.

Harmony said...

yes MOF is nice !!

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