Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I WONDER WHO IS THE 11,111th!!

Okay there is no price for the dear winner because I'm not a rich dude from Alaska oil field that is willing to sponsor any year round petrol supply, or some Colombian coffee exporter to sponsor you 6-months supply of Colombian Narino Starbucks coffee bean.

Okay, at the time I'm writing this post, I think the website counter is at 11,098 (since 21 April 2008). Which mean, the figure will turn into 11,111 if another 13 more peoples are kind enough to visit it. It's been 16 months since I started blogging on this web, where previously I have done in Friendster blog before.

In case you are the lucky number 11,111th, here is what I want you to do. If the stat in the counter hit 11,111th, print screen the blog on the website stats located at the bottom of the right sidebar. Send it over to my e-mail at bernardckv@hotmail.com. Well, I'm curious who will be the 11,111th lucky person?

As I mentioned earlier, there will be no prize for dear winner. Just some token of appreciation from the author. At GREEN TEA WORLD!!, the author appreciates your readership and viewership at here. Thank you for supporting this blog and the other movie-blog.

Here is how you say Thank You in other tongues:
Sukran (Arabic)
Hvala (Croatian)
dank U wel (Dutch)
merci (French)
Danke (German)
Toda (Hebrew)
Grazie (Italian)
Arigato (Japanese)
Kamsa hamaida (Korean)
Paldies (Latvian)
Kia Manuia (Maori)
Takk (Norwegian)
Obrigada (Portuguese)
Spasiba (Russian)
Gracias (Spanish)
Khob Khun Kha (Thai)
Dyakuyu (Ukranian)
Kam ouen (Vietnamese)


Anonymous said...

lol what da you mean by 111? ok i think i'm the lucky winner!!

Anonymous said...

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_S5xc4FYp9ZY/Sb-Fkt4cBZI/AAAAAAAAPDE/DdKXYYPrOxA/s1600-h/lucky+winner+on+your+blog.jpg -- here my screenshot LOL!

Anonymous said...

damn, i'm the 11110 reader! LOLOL!

Anonymous said...

and i'm also the 11111th reader after putting a comment here! HAHAHA. sorry everyone else. lols

Joanne Chan said...

JC was late - got 11122 =P

Daisy said...

Wow, 11,202! Well it seems more than just 13 passed by. And yeah good for you to switch from blogging at Friendster. The only people who earn there are the Friendster owners!

BTW< I'm passing by from BE. If you want more traffic, come visit my blog and click the banner on top.

renaye said...

thai has female and male verse. i think urs is a male verse.

i know my blog is still down.

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