Friday, March 20, 2009


I do not wish to taint this blog with my grumpiness and bad emotion for the sake of my discontent over some actions on my blog. I believe my blog should never been a place for me to rant about my unhappiness. By the way, I am sorry if this post sounds like I am in bad mood or show the other unwanted furious of me. To begin with, I would like to state that I AM NOT ANGRY, BUT MERELY FEEL DISAPPOINTED!!!

Why organizing a gathering if no one want to appreciate the effort we try to put in?

Why organizing a gathering when people cannot confirm their attendence or keep twisting the plan here and there?

Why organizing a gathering when you have another gathering in place?

Well, been an organizer for gathering is not easy. It's not only the commitment the organizer have to give, but also on those who want to attend.

For the facts in my hand, there is suppose to be a small gathering to welcome our friend from Singapore here. So, on that Sunday night, I even told her how to get to the place we wish to meet up. Therefore, there was a gathering-will be held on Friday. The gathering discussion was known to the knowledge of three persons including me. 

The worst thing was that, I have a few assignments catching up my tail and indeed I have no choice but to keep away from the tempting internet and of course the Innit Chatbox. I am sure that MSN and my phone was still on all these while. The other thing was I didn't know there was another gathering in option or alternative been even discussed (a day prior to Friday for a replacement of Friday itself).

Anyway, I do not wish to continue the story because I just think all of these are just enough for me. I think you know who you are and those who didn't tell me that the gathering on Friday was cancelled. The best thing was WHY I KEPT ON PUTTING MY NUMBER and MSN ON MY BLOG WHEN NO ONE MAKE USED OF IT TO CONTACT ME WHILE I'M SO WORRIED ABOUT SOME IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLES SPAMMING MY INBOX? The other best thing was WHY CANCEL IT OR CHANGING IT WITHOUT INFORMING THE PERSON WHO FIRST KNEW ABOUT IT?

I do not want to continue and please after you read this post, please do not comment about it. I turn off the comment for this post. Why want to comment on something that had passed and not worthy to talk about anymore. The most interesting is that this is not the first time I am upset over it. I still remember things like this happened during the Starbucks Christmas Party, December 08 Gathering, and SushiKing Thaipusam Gathering.

AS I SAID EARLIER, I am not angry with you guys. I love you guys because you are the best friends I ever had and met from some online community. We shared the same passion for blogging and to make friend. I am just disappointed that we the advanced in technology, no one care or bother to inform!!