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Now, the author would assumes that you have watched the movie in the cinema or you have read the novel version of it before. Or probably there are some chances that you have not either too. It's OK, let's assure that you have and you have not, both. In this article, the author would like to highlight some notable points about the movie and some facts that maybe a little confusing for those who are not familiar with the religion issues, the puzzle and the book itself. Therefore, the author recommends you to read this on before and after you watch the movie.

The first part of the series will deals on the key characters inside the movie and the differences with the original novel version.



ROBERT LANDGDON - played by Tom Hanks. He is the Harvard's most famous symbologist and the main protagonist. His outstanding expertise and in-depth knowledge about religions and symbols convinced the Vatican to look for his help.

VITTORIA VETRA - played by Ayelet Zurer. She is the CERN scientist whose antimatter experiment has been stolen by the Illuminati. She is a physicist that deals a lot of bio-entanglement and has some knowledge about medical practice.

CAMERLENGO PATRICK McKENNA - played by Ewan McGregor, an aide of the late pope. His character is called Carlo Ventresca in the novel. As speculated, he is the main antagonist as is in the novel version. Unlike the novel, he originated from Ulster, Ireland and was adopted as the late Pope's adoptive son.

CARDINAL STRAUSS - played by Armin Mueller-Stahl, is the elector cardinal responsible for the election of the new pope. His character is called Cardinal Mortati in the novel.

COMMANDER RITCHER - played by Stellan Skarsgard, he is the head of the Swiss Guard. His character is called Captain Rocher in the novel. He is initially skeptical over Langdon but later accepted the fact that they need Langdon to guide them over the clues.

INSPECTOR ERNESTO OLIVETTI - played by Pierfrancesco Favino, a Gendarme Corps of the Vatican City States (police of Vatican City). His character is called Commander Olivetti in the novel. Main aide and believe in Langdon to guide them around.

MR GRAY - played by Nikolaj Lie Kaas, is the assassin hired by the Illuminati to ploy out the plan to kill. His character is refered as "Hassassin" in the novel.


LEORNARDO VETRA - A scientist priest working at CERN, researching on the antimatter when he is killed by the Hassassin. He is the adoptive father of Vittoria. In the movie the character is replaced with Silvano Bentivoglio, also a scientist and priest but had no adoptive relationship with Vittoria somehow.

JANUS - The contact man of the Illuminati that deals with the Hassassin directly.

MAXIMILIAN KOHLER - the director of CERN whom is paralyse and contacts Langdon for help in finding the killer of his friend, Leornardo.

GUNTHER GLICK and CHINITA MARCI - a reporter and camera crew for the BBC, contacted by the Hassassin regarding events that have happened in the Vatican.

Next part, we will look at the specific clues and puzzles that lead to solving the cases as in such. The puzzle forms an ancient Path Of Illumination that is used as a key in the story-telling. STAY TUNED!!

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