Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I was a vivid and loyal DiGi user since I first bought my first mobile phone back in April 2003. Back in the year 2003, there were an estimated 2 million DiGi subscribers nationwide, for which has grown exceeding 7 million now. DiGi is the first to introduce MMS, WAP and EDGE – technology that others later followed. However, they failed to secure the 3G technology license, beaten by the rivals a couple of years back. However, I still enjoy my use with DiGi after all.

As time goes by, so as the changes I noticed on its Prepaid Plan. In 2003, a DiGi-to-DiGi SMS costs around 20 sen, while it can be as cheap as 1 sen today. Similarly, a call will costs around 60 sen per minute where as it is only 12 sen per minute. But those were the old days. The DiGi Prepaid plans have also experience an evolution over the years. It first started as DiGi Prepaid(TM), then to Beyond Prepaid(TM) and MTV Power Pack(TM).

Now there are two most used DiGi prepaid now – NEW DiGi Prepaid I Like(TM) (the yellow duck campaign) and the new DiGi Prepaid (the latest plan). I currently using the Prepaid I LikeTM because it contains three options depending you prefer to talk more or text more.

THE DiGi Prepaid I Like(TM)

This plan consists of three optional plans where you will get cheaper call rates or SMS rates, while you still retain the use of Friends and FamilyTM package (FnF). The three options are:
  • Super FnF(TM) (balanced normal rate for Friends & FamilyTM value)
  • Super SMS(TM) (SMS-freak that deals with more texts, less calls)
  • Super Talk(TM) (talkative one that deals with more calls, less texts)
There is another option that runs together with it known as Super Long Life(TM) which allows you to extend your validity for a year with a payment of RM30. Following are the cost rates for DiGi Prepaid I LikeTM:

However, like any of those previous prepaid plans, the new simpack will not offer DiGi Prepaid I LikeTM. Old numbers still can enjoy the DiGi Prepaid I LikeTM.

THE DiGi Prepaid(TM)

Beginning 15 July 2009, DiGi offered a new prepaid plan with more savings. For this new plan just spend RM1 worth of SMS to any domestic number (excluding International, Content Provider and Friends and FamilyTM numbers) to enjoy lower rates for the day. The new prepaid looks lucrative. Following are the rates for the new DiGi PrepaidTM:

I wonder which plan to go for. The old I Like plan or the new Prepaid plan? Well, DiGi..always the smarter choice.


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Meh, I miss digi T.T I had to change to Hotlink

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