Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When you are on the text messaging or Innit chat box or MSN conversation, remember to learn the art of expanding the conversation topics. Exaggerate the topic is a key to make it longer, creative and eventually turning out as a crap of the day. Maybe not a total crap but a good attempt of making communication a bit interesting!

Just follow the following conversation of two people, A and B.

A: Well, I g2g to study

B: Haha…roger. I’m chewing by d way

A: Oh, u juz having dinner izzit?

B: No. Chewin my lovely books

A: Eh, I din know u can chew books

B: Haha…shh….i’m forced to L

A: Wow, don forget those salt and pepper. Sure it taste more delicious

B: Haha…wasabi would be best

A: Eh, wasabi. It will be hard 4 me 2 even swallow them

B: Haha…it will make u study till very ‘gam dong’ one

A: Why would u need to study when it is oledi an agony?

B: I would not take any risk about it

A: Eh, then I think u shud go chewing with subway then

B: Haha…why suddenly subway?

A: If studyin is like a stress, I think subway can distress ma

B: Haha…u never know. Subway is like alternative way

A: underground way ma. Lol

B: Yea, it is like an underground oledi

A: Underground? Have to dig lo dear. U got any shove?

B: I would not take the risk of hanging myself at very near the border

A: Haha..when I read back, digging is like dig owns grave. Cannot. Eh, I don c borders

B: U r d one suggesting digging lol…u don see but yes I do. It has stretch beyond my imagination

A: Very well. V manage to drag chewing books into digging some borders. Awesome!

B: No, u started it le. U r d one who start abt subway

A: But u contribute so much until it expands such way. Wah, I can blog abt this convo soon Lol

B: Lol…okay. U r allowed…inform me when u r done J

A: Lol. No particular name will be written

B: U inform me la. I wanna read

A: Haha..sure do. Looks like I distract u enough from chewing ur wasabi books

B: Yes. My book is not green by d way…

A: If it’s not green, than? Rainbow like abc

B: Orange n yellow!

A: Oh, I dunno wat nice food in orange and yellow

B: Haha…too bad

Well, all these are too "Woo-liao" already!!!

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