Monday, September 14, 2009


Finally I have a chance to go for another concert after such a long time. Last Saturday’s T-Music Festival was held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil, and was my first concert since Michael Learns To Rock’s concert few years back.

T-Music Festival, organized by collaboration between Tiger and Galaxy, was a timely one in celebrating Galaxy’s 15th anniversary. Galaxy is of course a major powerhouse in organizing events in Malaysia but I think by now, many would have known how things got on the wrong foot that day.

16,000 strong crowds flooded the venue with a high note for the possible long endurance musical marathon. The musical festival was held to celebrate the Chinese music from the oriental world. Artistes from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand made a great showcase that had effectively satisfy the fans. The event starts right at 7pm with two opening acts by our local artistes – Andrew Tan and Rickman.

Here are some of the highlights on that day’s event:

The stage is huge but it looks small from our view.

Singapore's first Project Superstar winner, Kelvin Tan Wei Lian performed a rendition of slow song. Despite his visually diability, his songs were still a charm and smooth to the ear.

Malaysia’s very own hip hop Chinese group, ManHanD pumping some rapping solitaire to the audience and did their very best to get the party rocked on. They performed songs that include their popular hit 'Wan Yao Sai Kai' (Travel Around The World), Showhand and Latido.

Hong Kong based, Macao-borned Soler’s music as inspired as always and they always reminds me of the ever popular Beyond. The twin brothers of Julio and Dino Acconci performed songs like Lead (an English song) and Wind Season (reminded me of the Anita Mui's hits resemblance).

Taiwan’s veteran rocking duos Power Station gave fans a very much needed adrenaline and believe me that they are absolutely on fire. Fans were really energized and the chants of the fans singing along while they performed their best hits like Di Yi Di Lei (The First Teardrop), Bei Pan Qing Ge (Betrayal love song) and Cai Hong (Rainbow).

The ever charming Thai’s Chin right before and after the unexpected pause to the music fest

The unexpected had happened – a 40 minutes blackout that had disrupted the flow. Any comment, Galaxy?

Kay Tse also making the crowd entertained that night with her soulful jazz-fueled hits, thanks to her versatile vocal. Of course, there is a moment when she managed to grab a portrait with the emcees during the blackout!!

Hong Kong’s Khalil Fong with Ai Ai Ai his own rendition of “Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You” which was ended with a warm appraisal. A talented songwriter and singer, he certainly knows how to make us feel great

Hai Ming Wei aka Ocean sang a piece of great tune, he can sing canto despite his Chinese origin

Taiwan’s sweetheart for romantic songs, Sam Lee Sheng Jie performed to melt the heart of his listener. He brought his everlasting songs like Cha Jian Er Guo (Just Passing By) and went all funky with So Fun.

Z-Chen was certainly knew how to entertain the audience spanning some of his old and latest hits. He is our very own Little Prince of R&B.

The absolutely dancing machine – Justin has brought some cheer to the audience. Anyone will be very fancy of this dude and his dance revolution, singing hits

David Tao, the very gifted song writer and singer was what everyone been waiting for. The crowds still find themselves revved up although the clock has striked 1am. Thanks to his performance on Zao Zi Ji (Soul Search), Ai Hen Jian Dan (Love Is Simple)

The night’s closing act by Hong Kong’s Joey Yeung, performing the best save for the last for the sleepy audience with clock checking in at almost 1.30am.

T-Music Festival may have been interrupted by unforeseen short circuit which had resulted in a 40-minutes blackout but the concert still rocks the socks. It has became on of the best concert I have ever attended on the basis of little three in my CV, the longest ever – clocking at 6 hours and 35 minutes, and the most variety ever – with 20 artistes performing with at least 3 songs each.

Imagine going through a long concert with more than 70 songs for your listening pleasure at a price of zero. Thanks to Nuffnang, Tiger and Galaxy – the best concert ever with the execption of…

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