Thursday, November 19, 2009


I found this interesting article on the Google Search when I was eager to learn more about the Wave. On this particular post on the blog, owned by Wall Street Journal, where they were talking about the functionality and friendliness of Google Wave. You can click here to read about the commentary.

On this post, WSJ talked about the functionality issues that new Wavers may have to bang themselves on the wall trying to figure out how and where and what around the Google's latest darling. Despite the hooray I heard about the eye-popping Google Wave, I still heard people saying, "What is this?"

WHAT IS THIS? - Well, I have the similar reaction as like the other who are not really very well adapt to this whole new phenomenon. Fear not, I am just like the new users out there.

By the way, watch this video first to get yourself familiar with the Google Wave's features. It is not a guide for Waving like a professional but at least this video helps you to indulge on basic stuffs first. Familiar yourself now new Wavers!!

Oh, for extra knowledge, watch this video where Google product managers, Stephanie and Greg explain many of the features of Google Wave.

Anyway, no matter how hard it is to swirl around the Google Wave page, here is what I can said - you are not expected to master the whole thing in a night right? The same goes with Photoshop, iPhone, Microsoft Office, CSS XML. It takes a while right?

Here, I have some screen shots from my Wave account.

This is the frame for Wavers to you can link photos, videos, bookmarked stuffs or website links here to make chatting more interesting.

The contact list on the lower left on any contacts and an instant mini pop-up of the contact's particular (only their wave account link though)

The so-called "inbox" that resembles an e-mail's inbox. Well, you must understand that Google Wave incorporates the concept of replying an e-mail, chatting in IM and editing a document - all three experiences at one.

The best thing is Google Wave comes with a whole package of application that you can hook in with.

Cool or what? Have you Google Wave now? Try it and give it a try, it would be fun anyway. By the way, I would love to expand my Waves with you guys. Add me at Join the growing community and expect a full blast next year. Google Wave, coming soon!!

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