Monday, November 16, 2009


Ninja is a form of martial art. Not just merely a traditionist-way of dressing in a black sattire and combating enemy with shuriken or nihontou sword. Ninja is an art of fighting that takes one beyond his own soul to deeply engraved one of the world's deadliest fighting combat skills the world has ever seen. So I asked myself what if I'm a NINJA ASSASSIN?

IF I AM A NINJA ASSASSIN? Throw away those conventional black-wrapping suits, change into something new like a blue mask-shield. No rigid uniforms. Free sleeves for my hands to move freely. High tech gadgets on my backpack. Again, the modern generation ninjas may have a form of new weapon. How about machine guns accompanying the nihontou sword and shuriken? That is me, a NINJA ASSASSIN.

So what if I am a NINJA ASSASSIN?

I could be as well become the sidekick of Bruce Wayne aka Batman. A new Robin? Well, why not? In a revamped series by Christopher Nolan - Batman Begins tells the story of how Bruce Wayne wandering in Japan and learnt the arts of ninjitsu (ninja) and becomes the cape-crusader of Gotham City. OK, i need to type my resume to him first!

If Batman rejected my application, I can turned myself to Mr Blade. Remember Blade? He is the one-lonely soul whom moves around and killes dracula and vampire clans. A blade in his hand and my silver bullets on my machine gun. Together, we kick these creatures to the six-feet-under!!

Well, in case everything does not go according to plan, I can join the turtles then. I'm sure the guys from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would allowed me to join them. Okay, I'm not a turtle nor a mutant, but I can swing bars, eat pizza and act like a turtle. Come on!!!

Now i know been a
NINJA ASSASSIN is no easy task. WORK WORK WORK, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! I think I should think about my EPF as well. When I'm retired, I'll open a ninja-school in downtown Pusat Bandar Damansara. The turtles will become instructors as well. Wait, I have to make sure my school is near with Pizza Hut, Domino or maybe Papa Johns!!

Oh well, this is more glimpse of a

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kenwooi said...

haha.. ninja assassin?
you look more like a character in CS! =D

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