Saturday, January 23, 2010


American Idol Season 9 continues their search for the next singing sensation. Week two, we arrived at Chicago, Illinois and Orlando, Florida and again, the search for the American Idol brought some laughter, enjoyment and humiliation. Last week, a total of 56 golden tickets were given. How much would it be this week?

The audition in Chicago has the three regular judges accompanied by country pop sensation, Shania Twain.


(01) Amy Lang makes all judges stoned

(2) Brian Krause does Tiny Tim and tip toes off the stage

He was told that he was weird yet he still weirdly tip toes off the stage.

(3) Katelyn Epperly impressed the judges

(4) Charity Vance quietly wows the windy city with “Summertime”

She’s 16 and she’s the second Golden Ticket winner in Chicago.

(5) Angela Martin got her third chance to shine and is “Just Fine”

After two failed attempts at "American Idol," losing her father, dealing with a daughter with Rett Syndrome and then having her mother go missing this past Christmas, one has to think Angela Martin has some good things coming her way this time around on "Idol."

(6) John Park wows Shania Twain

Suddenly Shania Twain goes crazy!!

Well, that’s all for the great and worst audition in Chicago. Due to unforeseen event with the passing of Sultan of Johor, the audition episode in Orlando scheduled for Friday night on 8tv was cancelled. We will see it soon on another post.

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