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What is the web browser you are using when you are surfing the net? Is it the ever ancient Internet Explorer? Is it the "always-crash" Mozilla Firefox? Is it the Apple's Safari? Or Opera? Or perhaps it is the latest internet revolution Google Chrome that you are using?

Anyway, I'm using Google Chrome and so far it works awesome for me. Recently, Google Chrome has updated its version into v4.0. However, news about its latest upgrade to v5.0 is already on the move; at least that is what been reported, according to this source. With each version of Google Chrome, the using experience becomes better and better. The latest fourth version supports extension, something almost similar to Mozilla Firefox. In fact, the extensions has bringing in some cheer for internet browsing.

If you have not get yourself a Google Chrome browser, get it from here. According to the professionals at NeoBusinessConferences and myself, here are your best extensions available from Google Chrome Extensions:

(1) Facebook Notification Checker
It shows new update from your Facebook on your idle browser.

Other extension that has the same functions:
>> Facebook For Google Chrome

The Facebook For Google Chrome (version 1.7) that I am using right now looks like this.

This is a good Twitter extension used from Google Chrome and it looks like the picture above.

Other extension that has the same functions:
>> MonkeyFly

This is how MonkeyFly looks like when it finally managed to incorporate into my web Twitter account - looks like a Tweetdeck. Taken from my Twitter web account.

(3) Quick Search

This is an interactive search box that connects you to multiple sites like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and Bing all at one.

(4) Another Youtube Downloader

No need to download Youtube videos from Firefox when you have one on Google Chrome too.

(5) Add This

A new way to Share text, page, e-mails and stuffs under one extension on Google Chrome. Now, it connects to Twitter, MySpace, email, Digg and Delicious, etc.

(6) Zemanta

This extension helps you to enhance the usage of various links, media sources and related articles to be incorporated into your blog post and e-mail.

(7) Grooveshark Ad Remover

This is a good ads-removing that is useful if you are using GrooveShark, the popular online free radio and music streaming.

(8) Aviary Screen Capture

You have Aviary? Now you can print screen webpage, edit picture online and do other stuffs with ease.

(9) FastestChrome

The extension that allows you to increase your productivity while on Google Chrome - takes thing a little bit faster by get auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and more.

For more of these extensions and more, visit Google Chrome Extension Gallery and


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