Friday, February 12, 2010


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Long is a common English word. It's a word that is so common that it can be used for almost everything in the broad spectrum scope of time, distance, experience, emotion and more. Nevertheless, long can be both inspirational, controversial or exploratory in nature.

More recently, the word long has been extended to include one that redefines the glossy, sleeky and thin appearance of the world we lived in. A new experience of passion and love or simply an expression that requires only four letters to convey? I do not care how the borders of imaginary are breached, but I do only care WHY I LIKE IT LONGER. I LIKE IT LONGER in everything and whatever I do and I have.


(1) I can spend more time with the Slumber-land

A day of our human life existed in a form of fixed duration and moments. One day will always be 24 hours, nothing more and nothing less. But is it possible if we can stretch the time to become longer? Not really.

Why would I like it longer? The reason is simple, if only the time can be adjusted to accommodate one's desires, will anyone rants about having not enough time in their life?

I think I seriously need one because I do not think I had enough sleep these days and I need an extra couple of hours to get me back into the move.

(2) I can do my stuffs more without any worry of going flat

Battery is the source of power but it has a limited time of how long it can be consumed. My laptop can only goes and runs for 2 hours and after that, it goes flat. But is it possible to have the battery life longer? Yes.

Why would I like it longer? Besides the fact that I can do more works without ever worried to find a power point in the middle of nowhere, longer battery life also means less dependable to electricity.

A backup power can save few ringgits from my sky-rocketing power utility bills. Besides, should not we move ahead for greener life?

(3) I can eat Subway for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - everyday is a Subway day after all. No one should be ever dubious when talking about my love for Subway. If I can eat it for all my three-to-five meals a day, why not? But why not make it longer than one foot? Yes, I know this is possible although crazy.

Why would I like it longer? Longer bread, more enjoyment with every bite. Simply delicious? *Yummy!!!* So, longer Subway bread for my breakfast, lunch and dinner please!!

(4) Because it comes in glossy, sleek and thin

Why would I like it longer? It is not something that is very much in synonym with the word long but LG managed to create something as such. Well, Life's Good with LG definitely and add in some Black Label flavour too! LG unveiled their latest Chocolate BL40 recently, a mobile phone that comes in longer than usual and all smokin' hot. To make it even gorgeous, Chocolate BL40 comes in handy along the fashionable runaway where the elegance and the catwalk are highly praised for the invention.

LG Chocolate BL40 comes with a huge screen that encroaches 4 inch in size, a 5.0 MP camera, 1Gb internal memory and supports 3.5G technology.

Deemed as the 'Supermodel' phone? Even Vogue, GQ, ELLE, Espire and Sienna Miller endorsed them. Why not? The next revolution of mobile phone is not all about just its functionality, but fashionable senses are pretty much in play too.

It was even endorsed by James Cameron and his blockbuster Avatar too.

By the way, catch more actions on Avatar experience with your LG Chocolate BL40.

Hey! LG Chocolate BL40 is available now but in case you want it free, you know who to ask from but make sure you are lucky enough to get one of the three as in here. So now you know WHY I LIKE IT LONGER.