Thursday, November 04, 2010


How can you forget this monster hit? The summer's biggest single, Love The Way You Lie is reportedly and officially has a sequel. The song, 'part 2' it is nick-named as, will have the singers played a reverse role with Rihanna making the lead by telling the story about the abusive couple while Eminem takes the last verse towards the end. Telling you the truth here is that I am not sure if I like the idea of having a sequel that tries so hard to mimic the initial success of the single. After repeatedly listening to the new tune, I thought that it wasn;t that bad at all.
The single Love The way You Lie by Eminem which featured Rihanna has become a monster hit, spending 7 consecutive weeks at number one on Billboard Hot 100 singles and sitting prettily atop on 23 other charts. It is featured in Eminem's seventh studio album Recovery and that both album and song are multi-platinum winner. With the imminent success, the sequel has been planned and while Rihanna was 'very against' the idea at first, but she recorded it for her new album 'Loud' due this November 18.

So far we cannot find the music video for you to view since Universal Music has taken all the "leak video" out of YouTube. Anyway, enjoy the original single below. Now I am wondering if both Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox will be back for the sequel's music video.