Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Following the ever increasing popular series Fringe, hereby I would love to introduce to you a new word known as "Glyphys" in which I bet many had bever even heard it before. 

Glyph is an element of writing, often found via archeaology excavation which may turn out to be some sort of carved or inscribed symbols. A glyph can be a pictogram or ideogram, a syllable or even a logogram. 
For example, look at this Mayan glyph taken in one of those Mayan civilization excavation site which may means something.

Well interestingly, these glyphs are excerpts of the symbols used and available in the series Fringe. Let's look at those:

Apple glyph with human embyos instead of seeds...Imagine the life!!

Butterfly glyph...notice that the wings are formed from some bony structures!!

Flower glyph of some petals of daisy...notice the dragonfly wings resembled by the petals!!

Frog glyph with the symbol for Phi on the back!! Phi

Hand glyph with six fingers!!

Horn glyph with  Fibonacci spiral and again Phi on it!!

Leaf glyph with the triangle symbol on it that represents Delta!!

Seahorse glyph again with the Fibonacci spiral!!

Smoke glyph that forms a woman's face....

Note: Phi is a Greek letter that used to represent the number 1.6180339887...., a key number in the Golden Ratio. This number represents the perfect balance of proportion in human and nature...for example the ratio between your bones in the fingers... It was also mentioned in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. 

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awesome graphics.

:( about s2 though..

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