Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Worst James Bond's Song Ever?

Now, when at first they said this bitch is going to sing for the theme of Quantum Of Solace, the new Bond Movie, I have to say, "I passed out".

Due to her bitchy problem, the production insisted not putting her into the theme, I have to say, "Hooray"

Later, they said that the theme song will be sang by Alicia Keys and Jack White, I have to say, "Wow, okay!!". Do the very odd couple came out with the song called, "ANOTHER WAY TO DIE"
Here's the result....what do you think?

Ugly or pretty?
Is there something wrong with the music combination and arrangement?
Or it is the couple makes it odd to listen?
Or simply because my ears are full of wax that I can't hear properly?
this song is pretty does not fall into either nice or worst!!

Well, I missed those days back in Casino Royale where we have Chris Cornell's "YOU KNOW MY NAME" in which I dubbed as one of the best theme song ever and....

Vesper Lynd in which I dubbed also as one of the best Bond Girl...

Anyway, James Bond's new movie Quantum Of Solace will be released in the cinemas nationwide at 6 November 2008. It should be a bang although the theme song might not!!


Johnny Ong said...

good thing they changed the singer otherwise it will spoil james bond's movie reputation

renaye said...

well unfortunately my ears r telling me that the soundtracks to james bond in terms of quality have gone down a lot since tina turner sang golden eye. one word from me to describe the new songs is SUCKS. thank god amy winehouse didn't sing. i dont like her raspy voice.

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