Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Regarding to the post I made on Monday, FOR SOME CHARITY DURING THIS HOLIDAY, I would like to made several updates here.

01) If in case you would like to come to the party as well, please give me your name and telephone contact as soon as possible. The Starbucks people need the RSVP by 30 November 2008. Therefore, inform me about your coming by 29 November 2008!! The Starbucks people need to know how many people are actually coming.

Resp: So far, I have several people who would love to come and to tag in as well.

02) If in case you are not be able to come but somehow wish to contribute some money so that we can buy something for the kids, you may do so. Those who are coming can do so as well as I am thinking of buying gifts in a collective way.

I don't set the amount of minimum or maximum donation yet because I need to know how many orphans are going to be involved and from which orphanage they are from. I will contact the Starbucks people as soon as possible and will inform you guys as soon as possible too. (I am in the midst of exam and some other works are waiting me after the exam too) Therefore if you wish to donate, please do so by informing me that you love to do so via e-mail, MSN or text messages.

I shall accept donation preferably by latest 2 December. Option open for donation to reach me is currently via Maybank account. (For security purposes, the account number will not be publish here)

03) For any suggestion of what we should give, you can inform me as well. Currently I am thinking of these to be given to the orphans: Some CHILDREN READING MATERIALS, some STATIONERY (pencils, erasers, etc), some DRY FOOD (biscuits, Milo in large quantity, etc). However these are subject to the information that I will try to get from the Starbucks people.

04) You want to come? You want to donate? Or you have idea on what to give? Here:

mobile number: 016-8480812
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renaye said...

meow. i want to talk u so pls go online or something like that.

Harmony said...

i'm glad there's still some good man left on earth :D

Great, your blog didnt list out the 5 donts i stated haha !!

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