Thursday, November 20, 2008


In this economic climate, survival is what it matters. The situation in global economic recession is unlikely to improve in the next few months. But this year we keep on hearing one common thing ever said by our government; since this year, 2008 had started to roll in - CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLES.... Because they need to change your lifestyles....

No more McDonalds please, but instead change to Ramli Burger, a burger whom Lord Spectre will definitely enjoy it, so why can't you?

No more Starbucks Coffee, but instead change to normal Kopi-O kao kao...original in Ah Pek coffee shops and I should state that not Old Town okay...

No more ColdStorage, but instead shop at your nearest U.O. or Mydin where you can always get cheap stuff for very cheap quality? I'm not sure...

No more driving Aston Martin or BMW, but instead put your faith on Proton, and please don't drive the way James Bond did, by destroying it very early in the movie...there goes the DBS...

But there were more funny news once you flipped open your local dailies these days. Laughing myself out when I read it few days ago; laugh as it there are no tomorrows to laugh. I was reading from newspaper from The Star, I found several things that make me want to laugh as loud as possible. This is an excerpt I found from Prasys' site, with even some grammar error here and there on The Star's article. Shame on you The Star, you were supposed to show good example of English to the Malaysian. But since they screwed up, merely it shows that no one is perfect anyway.

Simply blunt and in rush to write a legendary article!!

Anyway!! The authority of the North-South Expressway (PLUS) has been so generous by giving out 10% discount on toll fee soon. Wait! Don't start jumping around first...10% is not a huge figure...imagine your usual travel will cost about RM 40 by travelling north. Now after the reduction, it cost RM 36. It is as similar as if you drive pass the toll, they will give you free chicken-rice, one box RM4. The strangest thing is that the reduction only applied from midnight to 7 in the morning. So the authority wants to follow the suit of the mobile operators - peak and non-peak hour. It seems that they are also encouraging Malaysian to travel on the highway in the wee hour. Extra caution and buck up rear seatbelt when you drive, for not only you may have high risk of getting accidents, you will likely to experience road robbery and even some spooky unseen stuff as well.

Quoting from;

"The 10% discount - they are treating us like beggars"

"Higher risk of highway robberies. The breakdown services take longer to arrive (should a breakdown happen). You won't be able to see potholes."

"It is totally irresponsible of Plus to encourage Malaysians to travel past midnight in order to enjoy a 10% discount. As Malaysians are badly affected by the high cost of living, they will go to any length to save a few ringgit."

"Remember that not all of the highway is fully lighted at night to making driving safe. I wonder if the Malaysian Institute for Road Safety (Miros) has been consulted on this move by Plus."

On another front, it seems like there is the possibility that the oil price will go down again. The question is how much this time. When they increased the price back in June, it was done so drastically that they raised up more than 70 cents in one shot, a raise that requires few months and several reductions to occur to bring it back down to its recently RM 2.00 per litre, although the price should have been some where RM1.70. The reduction is likely to occur this end of November, according to some sources. Why burden yourself and makes it so confusing when you can just reduce it to your desire level in one shot rather than requiring several announcement. Thanks to the confusion and thanks for your time, boss Shahrir!!


renaye said...

oh well... there's always a money-making opportunity in every crisis.

acura said...

Time to cut down on Starbucks Bernard?

Cher Linn Tang said...

haha, you will never mention "less movie" :p

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