Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas time is here again and too bad, we do not have any snow or cold weather to accompany it. What a day to be missed on the 25th of the last month of the year. I would say I had a little great time although this year's is not as merry as it used to be. Years ago, Christmas used to be fun as we always get presents from others. Nowadays, those traditions are not to be seen much anymore. 

For the past three days, I have twice encounters with pizza. Both were from Papa John's at Berjaya Times Square. The first time I had it was on 23/12 with Renaye. I do not have any pictures for the food I ordered on that day but it was their signature pizza menu - Super Papa Pizza.

Today on the Christmas Day (25/12), again I have a pizza, but this time with my sister, since she paid. Papa John is no ordinary Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza. Although the price may be a bit higher, but they do serve a better pizza than the two. Papa John's pizza seems to be more attractive, crunchy crust and more variety than Pizza Hut's. The crust is not as hard as rock as I used to have in Pizza Hut but rather it is crunchy. Pizza Hut's pizza goes well only with the munched Mozarella cheese but Papa John's can still be "edible" without the cheese. I do not why, but I can't really eat Pizza Hut's pizza without those extra cheese.

This was what my sister and I ordered. We ordered the same - Island & Sea Pizza, which of course it was a seafood pizza. The 6-inches original individual pizza costs only RM11.20. However, if you are a big-eater, the larger 9-inches may prove to be too expensive and extremely unworth with its price tag of RM 22.90 or something. I was surprised by the large price difference, for one is 6-inches while the other is 9-inches, both original flavour. My brother-in-law in a meantime, ordered a pasta - their signature Super Papa Pasta. He said it was nice!!

The Island & Sea Pizza is a pizza with seafoods (prawn and crab meat), chicken roll and other. It comes in 4 slices for 6-inches size. They do not have individual meal, although they have meals for two, four and six. 

For the drink, Ice Cream Vanilla Float - RM 5. This drink needs no introduction for it anyway. It is just a normal ice float, so nothing to be grand about it.

So, another dinner meal worth less than RM18 at Berjaya Times Square!! It costs RM 17.80 after tax. 

Papa Johns is a pizzaria in Berjaya Times Square, the one of two available here. The other is the newly opened Vivo, which is at the Lower Ground level. Papa John can be reached at the Ground Floor, near the entrance and next to the Dome Restaurant. Wifi is not yet available.

Anyway, since Christmas lasts for 12 days...
Feliz Navidad!!


renaye said...

ooh. the pizza is nice eh? ok i will try next time. no wonder u r having sore throat now. hahaha.

RM5 for a drink? it's pretty cheap. other places are charging 7 and above.

when is our next scrabble date?

Harmony said...

Last time as kids , we get to enjoy i guess. Now its ...
abit used to Christmas anymore. No more jingle bells

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