Saturday, December 06, 2008


As I have mentioned in my previous post regarding the planned event by Starbucks, here is a summary of what happened yesterday during the event. If you do not know what I am talking about, go here.

Christmas season is just kicking around its corner. Yet, this is the Christmas tree in Berjaya Times look nice.

So it is a Christmas Cheer Charity party which was attended by four peoples - me, Renaye, Shon Chong and of course Karena (and her friends) as the official photographer representing Nuffnang (or rather unofficial). The party started at 6pm with people were already there swamping on the food. The stuffs I brought were very heavy - books, toothpastes and etc..I virtually spent my whole afternoon bringing those stuffs around with me.

The foods.....pastries and iced coffee...oh, there are good except some that Renaye thought it can be done better.

The children, majority of them were the orphans from an orphanage belonged to a church group, while there were some brought by their parents as the party guest. Those children looked cute and very eager to joion the party. They had a colouring contest and some balloon making and shaping performance by a guest clown.

JJ The Clown....

SC trying to con the kids while Puspa observing him

Colouring sessions

So me and SC decided to do our own rendition of having our fun time with the children...SC is master with magic trick, LOL!!

After that we also have a special session called "Coffee tasting" conducted by Puspa, a store manager and the coffee master whom I knew. She conducted a few sessions of it for me previously and the coffee that we tasted was none other than the Starbucks Christmas Blend, a compelling flavour to suit the Christmas.

That was a choir as well but they only expert at singing one song - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. They tried to sing christmas songs but they always ended up forgetting the lyrics...LOL!!

So before the party ended with a Santa Clause suddenly made an appearance. What else, giving sweets and candies to the children of course...

Well, It was a great event, but Karena and SC were complaining that the Starbucks "didn't turned on the air-cond". Karena took a lot of pictures with her *cough cough* camera. So, I'm waiting for her pictures to be on her blog.

Anyway, before I left...I need you guys to vote on something. Yes, see the little girl on green shirt on the picture above? Her name is Paris Yap. Cute but a very shy little girl. I try to take her one-person photo but she dragged one of her friend together. I want you to compared her with....

Parui Hilton??

Which one you prefer? Drop your votes on the comments.

By the way, for the answers of the riddle from the last post entry I made..

When someone said this to you, "AAA BBB AAB BBA ABB BAA ABA BAB BBD EDD DAB AEE" How would you reply?

The answer is: "Long Time No C"


renaye said...

haha. luckily i only bring soap for the kids. my load is very light.

shon chong said...

Of coz the YAP 1 lo.. damn cute la her haha..

Ruionkoh said...

diu lar...
shit i missed the fun.
you sure miss me dam much till u feature me on ur
those kids are dam cute!
sorry lar din get to join.blardy finals...

DiEsE said...

wahahah.. sorry parui, i'll pick lil miss yap here... XD
*sniff* i wish i'm in kl *sniff*

acura said...

Everyone seems to be having a good time there & for a good cause too.

Anonymous said...


you shud've invited me to organize that together! great event :) keep it up yea...

P/S :honestly, i choose lil ms yap too... LOL!!!

confessions of a medical student said...

what a nice event to celebrate christmas.. christmas is all about giving and sharing~ wished i was there..

p/s: vote for ms paris yap :)

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