Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Starbucks is now having a great deal to offer; for you to get ushered into a brand new year soon. 2009 is only about 29 days to go which also means that we only have 28 days left before we say adios to 2008. So reflect on the year, what have you done?

A brand new year will not complete if you don't have a new year resolution, or a simple diary or a planner to keep your daily routine organizer. Oh please, they won't be any Blackberry, N96, Sony Ericsson Xperia or BMW cars!!

A planner by Starbucks will enough though.

At first I thought, it is just an ordinary planner. Wait until I open it.

This is how the planner looks like, a brown leathery-soft with some leaves pattern engraved on its cover. Also, a green elastic band on it to act as a lock, to open and close the planner.

The first page, followed by a foreword - "Begin. Grow. Flow."

Also, noticed in one page that this journal @ planner is made to commemorate Starbucks 10th anniversary in Malaysia on the 17th December 2008. That is a fortnight from today.

Then on each month, the pages are accompanied by a calender on the right and an interesting illustration on the left. These illustrations and graphical arts are a simple story to tell how coffee are made and how they influence our life directly or indirectly. Then, the next pages are dedicated for your journal entries.

So, you want to get your hand on these planners. It is easy, go to any Starbucks outlets and get it for RM 18 for each, with no tax applied. Every RM 1 from each purchase will be donated to the needy. The Starbucks 2009 planner, a good gift for Christmas and for charity at the same time.

Get yours now, while promotion and stock lasts.


BLue said...

I am so going to get it, thanks bern bern ^_^

Kisty said...

Wow! It seems that the Starbucks Planner in your place has cool designs inside. :) I'm not planning to get one though for next year. I figured I'm tired of it. Hehe!

renaye said...

sounds good. but i might buy it as gift for my clients. but i thought LAT's calendar was much cheaper by half and it's a collector's item.

acura said...

The planner is really nice with beautiful artwork inside. But I do not normally use a planner. Too bad. Nice meeting you btw :)

Harmony said...

Looks pretty good , the strap i love it. but too bad it aint sold here.

synical said...

I haven't used a planner in years.... but I bought one just the same, for keeps, haha.

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