Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear Readers,

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, the author of Green Tea World!! and Green Tea Movie!! will be in hiatus for several days. The hiatus is scheduled to start on Friday 23 January 2009, 8 pm that will run down until Tuesday 27 January 2009, 9 pm.

For the past days, the author have changed the layout of Green Tea World!! for a new air of breathe. The green layout may have gone but the spirits of green in Green Tea World!! are still well kept. During the hiatus, the author will be away from Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the ox year outside of the big bustling city life.

The author have drew some plans after the hiatus.

1) Drop your link on this comment box if you wish me to click your ads on January 28. Consider this as my good luck wishes and 'ang pow' for you guys. I know Yenniedoll and some others have did so but who doesn't want extra earning from Nuffnang! Please do not insert any nang URL links here because it is just inappopriate to do so. By the way, don't try even to spam my comment box or chat box because in the end of the day, I still can delete it.

2) After a few failed attempts, the layout for Green Tea Movie!! will also see a revamp before February 1. The contents will now include Movie Star of the Month, Preview of the Week (where 1 film will be introduced on Tuesday), Movie Reviews (as usual) and Movie News (every Friday or Saturday). For a preview, the first week of February will see some details about Emily Browning, The Pink Panther 2, movie reviews of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire.

3) Also, in conjunction with Valentine's Day, the author wish to know from the readers what wasor were the best Valentine gift(s) you have ever get? Drop some best gifts here in the comment box as well. You can include your link (1) with your shares on best valentine gifts together.

Anyway, signing out here!! The author would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and be excel, wealth, health and loved in the upcoming year of the ox, cow and buffallo. Have a 'Mooo' year ahead!


racoon aka panda said...

hehe...i want! i want!! :D
will do the same for u as well :)
happy cny!!

Yi Ling said...

BOO dear! :D :D
my best valentine's day gift is having you by my sie. XD
clinche right. haha. but it's true! XD

Harmony said...

Hi Bernad, happy new year to you!

Spectre said...

OKAY ! SPECTRE C errr airborne here ! kenot wait for the layout BC

renaye said...

happy chinese new year.

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