Thursday, January 22, 2009


UNDERWORLD VERSION 3.1... This version is the tale of the misadventures of Green Tea dealing with Vampires and Werewolves. Well, not really!!

Last Monday, those people in Nuffnang were so kind to invite me to go to Cineleisure for a free movie. This is my second time attending Nuffnang movie screening. I initially almost could not made it to the event due to the fact that I don't have transport home to my hostel. Curfew 12 am in hostel and Cineleisure is way far from my hostel.

So, after some difficulties to look for possible driver at Innit Chatbox which I was later, able to ask someone to send me back, so I went to Cineleisure from Kuala Lumpur. Does anyone know how much time I spent just to go there? Coupled with bad and sudden traffic jam around KL and how efficient our public transport can be, it took me 2 and a half hours. First of all, I am trully sorry to Hitomi for been unable to come early. I was supposed to be there at 7.30 or something, but instead I was late by an hour. Imagine this:


Reach there at 7.30, met Hitomi and her friend Chris at Sakae Sushi, the place where they sell Japanese food with green frogs jumping around - Yeah right!!! I didn't want to have any Sakae Sushi since I ate my dinner at 5.30 pm. So it was the first time I met Hitomi after which I didn't have the chance prior at Youth 09. I found out that she loved to camwhore and test her camera. Here, DISCOVERY #1: CAMWHORE IS GOOD together with numerous evidences, sources from Hitomi's camera (all except the last two by Zhao).

Before that, I claimed my tickets and I found out that I won a Sword Letter Opener. I don't know how it looked like, but the Nuffnang told me I will not get it since they don't have. In exchange, they gave me a T-Shirt and an envelope of movie promos. Well, I went home that day without a sowrd to slay the vampires and werewolves. What a dissapointment!!!

During the event, I had opportunity to meet KY again after his attempt to become Rain last year; Simon whom he said he did not have any TVs; Zoe and Ah Yat whom I met after the movie for some supper and lychee moment; Mr Zhao and Andrew with their DSLR; Danielator and his friend Aaron whom was kind enough to give me a lift. Anyway, we went into the cinema hall while time was approaching 9.30.

In the theatre, the audience were entertained with several gorgeous trailers. The trailers were namely Terminator Salvation, The Punisher: War Zone and The Pink Panther 2. Terminator Salvation will be an awesome one (I hope) and I realized Christopher never really care about the movie much prior to it but after watching the trailer, he was so excited! The Punisher War Zone seems like a copycat from somewhere while The Pink Panther 2 was yet another funny film to watch soon. After The Pink Panther trailers, I realized that Hitomi was laughing so loud and I quickly drew this conclusion - beware when you want to bring her to go and watch The Pink Panther 2!! So here goes DISCOVER #2: THE ANTICIPATION FOR TERMINATOR SALVATION IS BUILDING UP.

Then the movie rolled in and throughout the movie, I realized only three things: The movie was so-so....Christopher was quiet the whole movie concentrating on what the story goes...Hitomi talked and laughed a lot about the movie scenes. Well, nothing wrong with that because my friend and I were also heavily discussing about the movie while watching the movie. Hitomi, you don't have to apologize because I did that too in the cinema and I think it is OK. (LOL). So here comes DISCOVERY #3: HITOMI TALKED A LOT DURING THE MOVIE.

The movie review as reviewed by Green Tea can be found here.

The movie clocked only 90 minutes with a very familiar ending. If you aware, the last scene was actually the first scene in the first Underworld. So I found out many people watched the movie without watching the first two Underworlds. I think it is still acceptable because Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is a prequel. The ending in this movie was a bit weird and cliffhanging as the story continues with Underworld. Because of that, many audiences that I met after the show expressed interest to search for the next two episodes to continue the saga. DISCOVERY #4: WATCHING UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS WILL INCOMPLETE WITHOUT THE FIRST TWOs.

That's all for this VERSION 3.1 with some 4 Discoveries of the Day. 

[picture from Hitomi]


Harmony said...

1hr 30 mins is really a short show. guess it lack plots

Anonymous said...

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chriso said...

i can't wait to watch the rest of the series now :D

DanielCtw said...

The show was not nice for me though. hahaha

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