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Every year, SkyTrax rates major airlines around the world. Skytrax is a United Kingdom-based agency that conduct an annual research pertaining to commercial airlines and survey regarding cabin staff, airport, airline, airline lounge, in-flight entertainment, on-board catering and other elements of air-traveling.

According to their website and their latest ranking, Skytrax rates six major airlines to be classified as The World's 5-Star Airlines. As a Malaysian, we are proud to have Malaysia Airlines at one of the six. Malaysia Airlines has always been a prominent figure for been among the best in the worldwide scale. MAS once indulged in a financial troubles but recent turnaround thanks to its mastermind, Datuk Seri Idris Jala that turn the national carrier RM 1.3 billion lost to a height of record-breaking RM 800 million profit.

Following are the six World's 5-Star Airlines, in alphabetical orders:

Asiana Airlines, South Korea

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong

Kingfisher Airlines, India

Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines ranked sixth (6) in the recent 2008 survey for The World's Best Airlines.

Qatar Airways, Qatar

Singapore Airlines, Singapore

Meanwhile, Malaysia's low cost carrier, Air Asia received 3-Star rating from Skytrax.

Meanwhile, Malaysia's primary air-hub, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang received 4-Star recognition for World's Best Airport. There are only 3 airports that received a 5-Stars recognition; namely Singapore's Changi, Hong Kong International and Seoul Incheon. Also ranked with 4-Stars as well include Amsterdam Schiphol, Sydney and Zurich.

Performance Of MAS in Skytrax Award for World's Best Airlines:
2001 (top 10) // 2002 (top 10) // 2003 (4th) // 2004 (8th) // 2005 (6th) // 2006 (9th) // 2007 (6th) // 2008 (6th)

Performance of KLIA in Skytrax Award for World's Best Airports:
2001 (2nd) // 2002 (8th) // 2003 (top 10) // 2004 (5th) // 2005 (7th) // 2006 (6th) // 2007 (5th) // 2008 (4th)


Harmony said...

Ah Bernard,Malaysian airlines has been dong well and getting better.

renaye said...

i try my best to fly in MAS because of the food. but i'm surprise that emirates did not make into the list. their service is good too and the plane is comfortable!

and anyone wonder why the top 6 r dominated by asian lines?

Harmony said...

Ahh MAS? the food nice huh. And yah hor, howcome its all Asian lines. I cant believe British airway's losing.

Btw, ah you also changed blogskin too~

BernardC said...

Test Test

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