Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Intellectual Discussion On The World's Scariest Job?

Last week while people are getting ready to attend the preview screening of the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, there were three peoples - B (me of course), C and H; whom were so into an intellectual discussion on what is the world's scariest jobs! It started out when the two were asking what am I studying. I decided not to tell them straight but rather I just let them have a guess.

I gave them a hint which was my future job is one of the scariest that people have to deal with!!

Then, they came out with these answers:


Hmmm...I like CSI but you only deal with me when you are dead or you need an autopsy report to claim your grandfather's will.


Okay, not this undertaker. Undertaker is a funeral director that entails the burial and cremation of the dead, as well as to plan and arrange a funeral. Again, it is not that scary.


*Sigh* again deal with me when your any family member needed a good burial and cremation six feet under.

AH LONG aka LOAN SHARK they offered a degree on loan shark business? Maybe some Jalan Petaling International University i guess.

I'm not sure if they did gave this answers but I bet this is scary. Again, no need take any degree if you want to do this.


I'm not sure if they did gave this answers too but it's disgusting for some people, not scary

Then, I gave the next hint: I deal with the person and they are my patient

What the hell!! My patient is a dead people!!

Again, how scary an OT can be?


Teeheee...close, but not so close...

After the endless list of answers that I can't remember what else were the others.
The answer for the ultimate question was...


Teeheee...isn't my course so scary


Harmony said...

Being a teacher is one of the scariest job too.
You meet scary kids now and then and you cant handle them.

renaye said...

ur dentist job is not scary at all. but kesian u coz u need to inhale all those bad breath from ur patients.

HitoMi^^ said...

Eeee...crap la u...didn't say some jobs la

Lynn said...

omg you study dentistry one ah?

Lisalicious said...

ish I hate visiting dentist =p

Yi Ling said...

i'm so not going to visit you XD dont like dentist :X

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