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What Is So Good Of Being A Punisher?

What Is So Good Of Being A Punisher?

According to, the word 'Punisher' is derived from the root word of 'Punish' which means:
as verb (used with objects)
  1. to subject to pain, loss, confinement, death, etc., as a penalty for some offense, transgression, or fault: 
  2. to inflict a penalty for (an offense, fault, etc.: to punish theft.
  3. to handle severely or roughly, as in a fight. 
  4. to put to painful exertion, as a horse in racing. 
  5. (informal) to make a heavy inroad on; deplete: to punish a quart of whiskey.
as verb (used without objects) 
  1. to inflict punishment.
Well, here you ask again, what is so good about being a punisher? Maybe your enquiries can be answered by knowing what kind of people can actually punish others. In one part of the Wikipedia articles actually read this, "Punishments are applied for various purposes, most generally, to encourage and enforce proper behavior as defined by society or family".

Punishment can be done in psychology. Maybe you did heard about Operant Conditioning Theory. Remember this Russian scientist in early 20th century whom did the experiment to prove this theory by introducing food and bell ringing concept to his dog. This theory explains that we can actually uses stimuli responses to reduce a behaviour by applying it (positive punishment) or removing it (negative punishment).

Criminals are punished judicially. If you are a criminals; in the modern days you are most likely to be punished in these ways:
  1. Fines. Pay and you may leave.
  2. Corporal punishment. A deliberate act to inflict pain intended to punish or changing the person's behaviour. In Malaysia, this form of punishment is still been used to carry out caning on those who traffic drugs or a rapist.
  3. Custodial punishment. This simply means putting you into jail. Or else enroll you into rehabilitation programme if you are a drug addict
Punishment is also used in training and education. A teacher can punish his or her pupils or students by caning (which inflicting pain as punishment), which was once common in school. This is an act of corporal punishment as well. Others like when a kung fu master teaching the apprentice, the master will deliberately do something crazy so that you can learn the skills throughoutly. Not forget, remember the time when you are been punished by your parents when you did something naughty?

In yesteryears, when slavery was still at large; domestic, slaves and other form of slaves were subjected to the punishment by their master. Whereas for today, any employees can still be subject to a contractual form of fine or demotion.

Husband and wife, or lovely couples also punish each other (LOL). This form of punishment is called sadomasochism or in short SMSadism refers to sexual or non-sexual gratification in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon or by another person. Masochism refers to sexual or non-sexual gratification in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon oneself. OK, i don't think i need to further explain this, but you would know that SM practice does allows arousement, erotica sensation for the practitioner. (LOL)

Anyway, been a punisher is so great. You can punish people by the mean of whipping, shoot a bullet, chop with a knife, slam with a hammer, pierce with an arrow and so much more. At least this punisher is not some ordinaty dude. The Punisher aka Frank Castle will be appearing again in silver screen for the third time after the Marvel Comic adaptation in 1989 and 2004.

This time, Frank Castle will enbattled Mr Jigsaw, a recurring villain in comic book of The Punisher himself. Let see if The Punisher can defeat the evil army under the Jigsaw. 

Err...wait the minute, please don't get confused of this Jigsaw though from the never-ending serial killer movie series called Saw!!!


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Ah.wait, if i have the powers, i'll punish those who stands against justice

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punisher? why would someone feel good being punish sexually?? i don't understand.

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