Saturday, January 03, 2009

Why Bible Is Not In BM?


These days the Churches and The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) have voice their hopes that the Government will allow Bible to be published in Bahasa Malaysia (BM). Why not since our government is so supportive in the usage of BM in our daily life. The government however has restrict the usage of Bible in written BM. "Though special exemption was made for this Bible to be used by Christians in churches, in this modern day and age when almost anything can be accessed on the Internet, it is regrettable that our Holy Scriptures are still seen as ‘prejudicial to the security’ of the country,” said Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng, vice-chairman of CFM.

Let me tell you something why Bible cannot be published in BM. The reason is that publishing the Holy Bible in Malaysia is a crime. What worst to come is that the crime is punishable by one law; be fearful people, it is the Internal Security Act (ISA). According to the ISA Section 22 (1), the government had indeed placed the Bible as a dangerous tool!!

Article 22 (1) of ISA states that certain publications and documents are considered unlawful if it contains any:
  1. Incitement to violence
  2. Counsels disobedience to the law or to any lawful order
  3. Likely to a breach of peace, or to promote feelings of hostility between races or classes of the population
  4. Prejudicial to the national interest, public order or the security of Malaysia
So, it seems like having the Holy Bible in BM is a violation of the fourth point. Suddenly, I ponder upon the question of on how a holy religious book can be such a "prejudicial to the national interest, public order or the security of Malaysia". I can't help laughing when I read that statement again and again.


On the other hand, a Catholic newspaper The Herald may push things a little further by taking the Malaysian Government to court for allegedly violating the rights of religious minorities by refusing to let the publication to use BM. See here we go again, same issue, regarding the use of BM. Apparently the Home Ministry had restricted them from using BM for the newspaper's multi-lingual editions. Rev. Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Herald, said the newspaper sent a letter to the ministry Friday to appeal the order. If there is no response in seven days or the decision is not retracted, the Herald will consider legal action against the government. A bold move!!

Bold as it seen, this is the second time The Herald is bringing up matters against the Government by court. The Herald has sought a court order to challenge the government’s ban last year on its use of "Allah". A hearing is scheduled for next month. Yes another bold move!!

But what is the chances of over-turn the decision?

In Malaysia, which deem as a role model of a multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnicity nation, it is unfortunate that there are some party is trying so hard to preserve and protect what the majority have by suppressing the underlings and the minorities. This is their policy as such and evidently, we have see throughout these 50 years this nationhood stands. Priority in this and that! Advantage on this and that! So if the minorities are to able to stand on their own feet, guess what, they did it on their own. It is time to re-consider the way of life we are heading for the next century. Live to spoon-feed or learn to scoop on your own.

It is kind a hard life to live as a minority. As a minority living here in Malaysia, why can't the Government open their eyes wide enough to see this. What makes you think the Bible is a dangerous tool that can destroy the nation? And what makes you think that by writing Christianity in BM can doom the nation? I guess only those who can't think out of their little boxes, those who are ignorant enough and those who are so ultra-conservative can come out with such idea. It will be a less-critical thinking if you think that by writing Christianity in BM can destroy the faith of one, thus creating havoc and chaos. So as for me, why not BM?


renaye said...

this debate is very similar to the muslims practising yoga.

actually it's just the politicians politicking who misused RAKYAT when this kind of thing doesn't happen among the rakyat jelata.

Anonymous said...

B0mb malaysia, seriously. Not the people, but the system.

Das Connection

azrin said...

Problem is the CONSTITUTION ITSELF. Islam is the Official Religion and shall be THE ONLY RELIGION accepted for the Malays,and that the Bahasa Melayu the Official Language.

Even in downright Singapore, Bible is NOT ALLOWED to be in BAHASA MELAYU under the same constitutional acts. BUT,they put BAHASA INDONESIA which is not wrong.... just a corner away.

I said to many that Islam Malaysia is RIGHTIST ISLAM where there is no such thing as ISLAM HADARI, but MUSLIM HADARI. It's the same punishment as saying islam kadiyani. Murtad.

Guess pak lah is too arrogant to know that huh?

Sometimes, our politicians are just plain too stupid... like Khairy...

BernardC said...

Lady J said:

IMO, the question should not be "Why NOT BM?" but "Why BM?" - Why would the church groups want the Bible published in BM in the first place? I'm no christian, but my reasoning is that the church probably feels that it is able to reach out to its followers and pass on its teachings more effectively if it were in multiple languages. There is a sizable population of bumiputeras in rural areas who are christian but more proficient in Malay than English, so they represent a need to be fulfilled. Why deny them that right to have access to their own religion, right?

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