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It's a serious case if my title for this post proved to be too long. Hey, this will be my longest title ever.

Anyway, American Idol Season 8 has reaches the Final Concert Weeks now. So far, I have never mention anything, not a word about the latest season on my blog yet. Well, it does not mean that I am not an AI fan or I don't care about it. After weeks of keeping silence, hence now I think it's time to break the silence and get myself into serious business.

Over the years, American Idol adopted many different approaches to come out with the Final Top 12. I especially prefer the new (or not so new) current system of wild card. Over the years some prominent AI alum in the lights of Clay Aiken and Jeniffer Hudson were wild card selected and yet they did extraordinary well. As Simon said before, the wild card serves a chance for the viewers and judges to look back at some of the contestants that we might have overlooked or perhaps were even better than those voted through but did not performed well. Hmmm, I agree with you Simon. The additional judge is a good idea as well where the balance in gender can be seen now!!

Well, I do not want to talk so much about the process but here is basically the run down of the whole list for the Top 13 Finalist. Well, I think been Top 13 is a brilliant idea despite the usual Top 12 spots. Nevertheless, the concert weeks were always the prime light of the show, bringing the best from each other. Many tipped a certain player to win and some in the process will be one of the judges' favourites.

Here, the run down of the Top 13.
KRIS ALLEN, 23, Conway-Arizona


ANOOP DESAI, 22, Chapel Hill-North Carolina

MATT GIRAUD, 23, Kalamazoo-Michigan

DANNY GOKER, 28, Milwaukee-Wisconsin

ALEXIS GRACE, 21, Memphis-Tennessee

ALLISON IRAHETA, 16, Los Angeles-California

ADAM LAMBERT, 27, Hollywood-California

SCOTT MACINTYRE, 23, Scottdale-Arizona

JASMINE MURRAY, 16, Starkville, Mississippi

JORGE NUNEZ, 20, Cidra, Puerto Rico

LIL ROUNDS, 24, Memphis-Tennessee

MICHAEL SARVER, 28, Jasper-Texas

Well, that's all for now. Do catch the first concert performance this Tuesday night in US, Wednesday evening in Malaysia. The first concert's theme will be Michael Jackson's Hall of Fame Songs. This is a tough one, but here we go!! THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL

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