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Jim and Rachel are like every typical young couple. They are so deep in love to each other, sharing their every most available time together, just graduated from their high school, and now looking forward into a more challenging adult life.

Jim and Rachel share a lot of commons and passions. One of them is the love to animals. It was early in December, and the young couple had just started their relationship for not even two months but they had already set themselves goals for life. Commitment is the best word to describe it all, something very much lacking in the love relationship of many these days.

That early chilly December afternoon, while strolling on a busy street at the downtown, Jim suggested to his love of his life a proposal that even she could hardly resist. "You know, my uncle used to say, having a pet is like having a baby." With a cynical look, Rachel quickly said, "Just a pet, okay. Nothing more than that in your mind."

"Please don't get me wrong, dear. I'm talking about adopting a pet!"


"Yes. Which is why I'm going to bring you to a place. It is just right in front."

Jim held Rachel's palm and guided her to few shop units in front. Right at the corner of that busy street, they stopped, right in front of a glass door with silver frames that illuminates something cuddles and lovable. Suddenly Jim noticed a change in Rachel's face. She smiled and her face was filled with more joy and sweetness than ever. Jim knew that he had just made his princess the day to remember.

"Oh my God, Jim. You have been planning on this?"

"As a matter of fact I did," said Jim. "Come. Let us walk inside."

They pulled the sliding glass door and quickly the barks, chips and meows sound filled the atmosphere. "This is the best pet shop in town, dear," said Jim while continued to guide Rachel to their perhaps most loved section in the shop.

At that moment, Rachel was so in joyous and excitement that she eventually found herself in a wonderland.

"Rachel, choose one."

"No, we choose one."

After an hour of searching, deciding and tossing all the options, eventually one little pug captured Rachel's heart. Jim was looking into her eyes and he quickly saw all the joy in Rachel. He knew at that moment, that little cuddle creature will become part of their life. After an extra consultation by the shop owner whom even taught this young couple all that was necessary and what was important in taking care a little pug, they decided that was it.

While walking their way home, the sun began to set its way down. Jim was carrying the basket, where the little pug was inside it taking a lazy late afternoon nap. "He is adorable, dear." Rachel could not hide anymore of her feeling and Jim knew that she was in heaven.

"Rach, I know. I also know that this pug will be part of us, part of our world." Deep inside their heart, they realized that the little pug is not just another family member in their own world, but represents something more - a symbol of compassion, devout, responsibility and commitment.

They went back into Rachel's home for dinner. After that full and satisfying meal, Rachel walked up to Jim and asked where should the little pug stayed. Jim knew that this will be hard, but somehow Jim allowed the pug stays with Rachel.

"But we still have no name for him, dear."

Rachel was right. They still have not decided a name for their latest addition in the family.


"Jim, it's too common. How about Spike?"

"Spike. He does not have a spiky feature."

"Jim, I know. Pixie!!"

"Rachel dear, do I need to remind you that this poor guy deserved a better name than that."

The list of name just kept throwing in, until one name which Rachel thought would be unique. "Pexton?". Rachel nodded. "It sounds cool, unique and seriously I never heard of it."

Rachel just smiled and said, "Well now you know."

"Te queiro, mi amor," uttered Rachel whom is fluent in Spanish too.

"Me too."


At least that night, Jim and Rachel had managed to settle the name of their little 4-months old pug. But they knew the days after that will be a challenge for them to handle the naughty monster - perhaps, monster in an adorable manner. The following days, Pexton had been deeply pampered, cuddled and loved by the couple. Yet Jim and Rachel continues their hectic life, juggling the balance of study, Pexton and for each other.

However, life can be at the top or it can be at the bottom of a wheel, sometimes and most of the time.



*Note: This short story is written in a deeply inspiring moment for the author. Don't ask why! Here is some preview of Part 2 - the couple's relationship is turning a little sour but yet Pexton is the one that continues to bridge them together.


Ying Zi said...

Something like Marley and me..? But hey,this is good,feels like it's going to be Time traveller's wife II.

Penton said...

Pexton is similar with my name... -_-"

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